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Happy Memorial Day!

Sooo. There is good news and there is bad news. The good news is that I did what I set out to do. Which is, set a new personal best 10k time. The bad news is that I didn’t do nearly as well as I was hoping. I’m not really sure what happened. For the most part I’ve been running a 10k around the neighborhood and on a track in the range of 42-45 minutes. Today, I ran my race in 53 minutes. Shaving about 2.5 minutes off of last year’s time. Where did the extra eight minutes come from? Beats me.

I’m trying not to bum too much. Race stats are fun to look at with such a crazy big race. Out of the about 50,000 people who ran the Bolder Boulder this year, I finished 7,696. Out of the 720 women my age, I was 90th. And out of overall women (all 25,981 of them), I came in 1,929. Unfortunately, I’m one of those self-competitive types. I was really only hoping to beat the crap out of Last Year Jenny. But alas, it just wasn’t meant to be today. I guess I have to settle for kicking her in the shin.

Overall, it was a good race day. Pros: Everything went pretty smoothly. I had no problems in the injury or pain category. The crowd was good. The Elvis impersonator was younger and hotter this year. No toddlers in my qualified heat. No one felt the need to crank any Journey. There were fruit snacks and kettle chips in the goodie bag. I have never been so excited to be handed a Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi in my life. (And that is saying something). Cons: “Hey Soul Sister” at the startline. Getting bested by a girl running barefoot. Not enough trailer park hippies hanging out cheering for the early runners. Kept dumping the water cups on myself to cool off but accidently drenched the Shuffle, causing it to get static. Hot weather hit hard about halfway through. My shoe came untied during the exact same stretch where it came untied last time. (Maybe the barefoot girl was on to something.) Neutral: One male belly dancer. Two free bacon stands.


I really considered making my running clothes the outfit of the day, but pre-race was way too early (read: not even light out) and post-race found me looking not so cute. I wouldn’t even have had a problem posting sweaty gross pictures of myself. But by the time we caught the shuttle back, stopped for lunch and all that, all I wanted was a shower a nap and a pity party.

I got both of the former, and the latter? Well, if you’re going to throw a pity party, you might as well wear a cute dress. I was saving this dress for today, anyway, because I knew it would be comfy but cute. It has sort of a weird  muumuu shape, but the embroidery on this thing is just fabulous. After dressing it up with bright jewelry and big sunglasses, I felt about a million times better.  Hit up Goodwill (Most of the thrift stores are running 50% off everything for the holiday and open late!) and just wishing I had a Memorial Day picnic to take my dress to. We would like a hot dog and some watermelon really badly.

As for running, I am nowhere near defeated. If anything this just makes me more bloodthirsty for my half-marathon. I’m taking two weeks off to explore other fitness fun (I might finally get to hit up Zumba and a spin class!) and then training begins. The race is still on.

Dress – Thrifted
Necklace – Wet Seal
Flip-Flops – Local Shoe Boutique

 Title courtesy of Gnarls Barkley – “Going On”