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Hey peeps. Quick post for today. I’m exhausted and it’s been a rough day.

I’ve joked for the past two years that I get postpartum after my race is over and today, it hit once more. I was curious enough to do some Googling and it turns out that post-race blues is actually a totally normal phenomenon. When you devote so much time and energy (mental and physical) to something, it’s natural to be sort of overwhelmed with that Now What? feeling after the fact. Recommended cures are setting new goals and finding new pursuits (check!), spending time with friends and catching up on life (trying to) and retail therapy. (None yet. But I like where this is headed!)

No big deal, overall. I am hard at work obsessing over the upcoming half-marathon plans and trying to enjoy my “break.”

Also jarring? Returning to regularly scheduled outfits after a crazy theme week. Even yesterday, I sort of had a brainstorm/plan for my clothes. But today it was back to the normal grind. Luckily, I count today’s outfit as a victory.

Very on the fly, but sometimes the best outfits come from winging it. I was in a skirt mood. I just sort of snatched this one up and it fell together quite easily. A rather harebrained color scheme, but  the unusual blend of muted colors, is really doing it for me. It doesn’t hurt that the outfit also includes many of my favored elements – flared out skirt, three-quarter sleeves, dangly earrings and kitten heels. And a belt of course.

Skirt – Thrifted
Chambrey Blouse – Max Rave
Shoes – Work
Earrings – The Icing
Belt – Stolen off a dress 

Title courtesy of Usher (featuring Will.I.Am) – “OMG”