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Good afternoon! We are posting a little bit early today. Shocker. But actually, I have a very good reason to be getting the blog tied up for the day. I have an actual adventure planned for the evening and that is a TOM PETTY CONCERT.

On my summer list of must-dos for the husband and I was a concert at Red Rocks. If you live in Colorado, (or anywhere for that matter) Red Rocks is up there among venues you can’t not go to a show at. Always wanting to be able to leave Colorado at a moment’s notice sans regrets, I demanded last fall that I finally cross this off my bucket list. We actually saw the Killers there in September and it was fantastic. But I still thought another venture there was in order.

The list of acts this summer was semi-dismal in my opinion. Who knew Sublime still toured even with a deceased lead singer. And more importantly, who would go see demi-Sublime? So we narrowed it down to Tom Petty vs. Barenaked Ladies and Petty won out. I love me some Barenaked Ladies but c’mon. It’s MF-ing Tom Petty.

Now, if you’ve been reading this blog for any duration, you know that I like to floss some mad thug swagger. But what you maybe didn’t know is that I also do yuppie hippie poseur with equal zeal. It’s true. On the flipside of all my mean mugging, is just an easy breezy, mellow rock-listening kinda gal.

And so it was with much enthusiasm that I embraced dressing for our concert experience. I’ve been hoarding this sundress for longer than was kosher, even for me. It begged for an evening out. So even though I literally just did the embroidered dress thing a couple of days ago, I decided to indulge.

As long as we’re indulging, I also went for the gaudy jewelry, headband and aviators. The husband said I look too overaccessorized to be a real hippie. But I didn’t say I was going for authentic. Please. It’s Colorado. Birthplace of the faux hippie. Ten bucks says I end up sitting next to some Patagonia-wearing family sharing bong-hits with their Siberian husky out of a Camelbak. So, acccessories it is. Oh my my. Oh hell yes.

 Dress – Thrifted
Tank – F21
Shoes – Work
Bracelets – Wet Seal
Earrings – Charlotte Russe
Belt – Thrifted

Title courtesy of Tom Petty – “American Girl”