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Happy afternoon/evening/weekend everybody. It never gets any better trying to come up with a greeting every day. Sometimes I wish I could skip right over it, but that feels rude. Manners. Tsk.

The show last night was awesome. I have never seen so many wasted OLD people in my life, but it was pretty amusing. Tom Petty put on a great concert and I’m still stoked that I got to be there. I don’t always enjoy concerts because I’m claustrophobic and not really keen on sweaty strangers. But when the show is good, it’s so worth it. I’d say more, but I’m posting this on the fly.

Correction. Was posting on the fly. I thought I had plans for the evening and they fell through. I love my friends, but they are a highly disorganized lot. It’s quite the point of contention for someone as anal-retentive and planny as me. I’d make new ones, but something tells me it wouldn’t be as much fun. In any event, now the husband and I are talking a date night. I need to get cleaned up again after the gym.

Not loving today’s outfit, simply because it was thrown on in a rush. What was I just saying about planning? I’ve worn this dress once before back at the very beginning of the project in a winterized version. You can expect to see a lot of my old dresses coming out to play summer-style. It’s FINALLY time.  I’m finding the heat makes it harder to put together crazily layered and concocted outfits. Simple is going to be the name of the game, until I figure out just kind of look I’m going for this summer.

I do love the dress though. It’s been with me through a lot and it acts as a sort of comfort piece, if nothing else. I call it my travel dress, because I wore it all the times I flew last year. It’s an incredibly comfy dress to wear on a plane (or when stranded at DFW for five hours sitting against a wall playing Oregon Trail on your phone) and still be able to arrive  not looking like a total schlub. I guess that theory also applies to my landlocked summer. Rushed for time as I may be, I can still throw this on and not feel like I got dressed in the dark.

Also loving headbands for summer. Or maybe it’s just that I’m due for a haircut on Monday. I doubt I’m going to do anything different this time. But I did stop trimming my own bangs last week, so as not to get yelled at by my stylist. Everything is a little shaggy for my liking just now. In the meantime a hairband is the only standing between me going crazy.

But enough about my stupid hair. Happy weekend all!

Dress – Charlotte Russe
Shoes – Charlotte Russe
Gold Bangles – Work
Necklace – The Icing

Title courtesy of George Clinton – “We Want The Funk”