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Good evening. Looks like another quite weekend in the blogosphere, so I’ll make this short.

Today was a special day. The husband and I celebrated six years of marriage! I remember reading somewhere, once, that the first three years of marriage are the toughest. I don’t know if I really believe that, but it does feel good to double the mark. I love him more now, I think, than I did six years ago and slightly more than things that are frosted. I promptly roused him this morning by blasting our title song, “Anniversary” by Tony, Toni, Tone. I’m a nice wife like that. It’s important to show your significant other your love by waking them from a dead sleep blaring bad 90s, r&b. But actually, I secretly kind of like it.

We had a nice evening out on the town. After several years of my whining about it, we finally tried out Melting Pot. It was a treat, and quite the production. We ended up having to miss our movie. I wasn’t disappointed though, and now we know. We had a very good time. No complaints here.


Today’s outfit is sort of outside the box for me. Admittedly, I’ve been feeling a little stumped the past few days. No wild hares or strange inclinations. Today I just decided to go for something more sophisticated. Being my anniversary, I wanted to feel adult and wifelike.

How do wives dress? Well, like any pop-culture fiend worth her salt, I take my cues from television. Informed by the likes of Bree VanDeKamp Hodge and Charlotte York Goldenblatt, I wanted something soft and classy. Hence pearls. I’ve had this pencil skirt for awhile but getting me in a pencil skirt takes some bargaining. I really like them but I find narrow silhouettes tough to pull off on my short frame.

There’s also this little problem where I haven’t worked out as hard post-race and I’m starting to feel a little doughy. You can throw rocks at me if you want but you can’t begrudge me a little female neurosis. Let she with the ironclad body confidence cast the first stone. It’s no biggie, but it doesn’t make me less inclined to try new shapes. I’ll get over it soon enough.

That said, I enjoyed my grown up lady outfit today. I felt sleek and put-together. The husband calls it “old school” but I consider it a bid for the future. To many more, homeslice.  

Pencil Skirt – Thrifted
Pink Top – Charlotte Russe
Shoes – Local shoe boutique
Necklace – Work

Title courtesy of Tony Toni Tone – “Anniversary”