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Oh my God. This week is insane. It’s trying to kill me. I am trying for dear life, to do a million things at once and things keep piling up.

I’ll be working all weekend, which is fine, because that’s normal. But then Monday was supposed to be my day off and it looks like I’ll be going into work in the morning for guess what? Installing yet another replacement computer. My fave! Tuesday is inventory, which I like slightly more than the battle of the busted technology. And the rest of the week after that will be spent biting my nails waiting for the results.

If you don’t see a post from me few days from now, you may want to send for help. I may have either keeled over from an anxiety attack. Or I may just be face down in a bowl of Funfetti and need to be resuscitated.

Look! If you didn’t know any better, you’d think I was on a much-needed tropical vacation. But actually, this is just some gazebo on the outskirts of town, that the husband knew about. He helped me with pictures today, as I didn’t get them done this morning. My hair was slightly wrecked after a long day and I was having a meltdown about the fact that it was raining. But let’s stick with the tropical vacation angle, since I’ve already dressed for the part. I’m in Tahiti. Who want’s a postcard?

Another gem that warranted resurrection for Blackout Week was my Modcloth Yellow-Ha dress. Wearing it again today, I fell in love with just how rich the colors are. Even the steely grey base color. It’s fantastic. Previously this was my birthday dress, which happened back when it was still early spring. Then, I styled it to play on the purples and yellows. But today, I went for a more summery approach utilizing the blues and brightening it up, versus toning it down. I really like the addition of white highlights.

 Now you’ll just have to excuse me. The resort is serving dinner and I want to grab a quick bite before the limbo competition. I love fantasy vacation.

Dress – Modcloth
Belt – Stolen off a shift
Necklace – Rue 21
Shoes – Work
Tanks – F21

Title courtesy of The Strokes – “Hawaii”