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So here is a testament to just how frazzled I am lately. This morning I got up at the usual hour that I do on Sundays, in anticipation for going to work. I went about my business as usual at a productive pace. Yet, at some point, I looked up at my clock and thought crap, I gotta get going or I’ll be late. So, I picked up the pace, rushed out and arrived at work thinking I was a couple of minutes late. This is where things get weird.

I continued on, getting the store ready to open but I wanted some coffee. I walked over to the coffee shop and they were closed. I thought this was odd, since they usually open an hour prior to the rest of the mall. I looked around and noticed that hardly any stores even had their lights on. I checked back at the coffee shop a couple of times. Kept looking around at all the dark stores. I thought it must be getting close to opening time. I was like, what is this? A lazy Sunday or something? Granted it was raining. But I kept thinking what gives? Where is everyone? And I want my damn iced Americano! You bastards!

Finally I gave up. Looked at the clock. Fully registered that it was 10:03 and panicked because I needed to get the store open. I did that and kept looking around at all the still dark stores, wondering if there had been a time change. When finally it dawned on me. The mall opens at 11:00 on Sundays. Which I know. And knew when I got up. But somewhere along the line, I lost an hour in my brain and thought it was time to go to work/open the store.

Yep. Another awesome day in the life. Thankfully, the rest of the day progressed rather calmly. The extra hour allowed me to get a few things done around the store in preparation for inventory and I felt more caught up than I have all week. But damn if my brain doesn’t need a break. Thursday cannot come fast enough.


So today was the last day of Blackout Week:

I personally really enjoyed the challenge. It brightened up my week both literally and figuratively. Although I didn’t have much trouble eliminating black from my outfits, I will say that making it forbidden has made me long for it. You can probably anticipate a heavy dose tomorrow. I’m a rebel like that.

Otherwise, I really enjoyed all the color today. It was rainy and chilly again. Chilly enough for pants. And most of my pants are black. But I do have these brown ones, which I then paired up with a nice Autumny top. The weather warranted, after all. However, in an effort to make the gem tones more justified, I went with a more bejeweled accessory route.

Despite my better efforts, I may be unduly influenced by the Middle East motifs in SATC 2. I have been really craving some bangles and gold. Having held on to these fun decorative shoes for some time, the timing seemed right to pair them up. Scarf, simply because I can on this drizzly day. I rather like going sleeveless while swathing my neck in colorful fabric. I’m a summer scarf wearer. Guilty as charged.

Pants – Thrifted
Tuquoise Bow Top – Work
Scarf – Work
Necklace – F21
Shoes – Thrifted
Bangles – Work

Title courtesy of Dragonette – “Marvelous”