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Word up, friends!

Well, I came up with yet another variation on “hey guys”, so I must be on a slightly more even keel today. Tomorrow is D-Day for inventory, so it’s only a matter of getting through it at this point. I’m just trying to enjoy what’s left of my Monday off. I logged another run and now I’m just baking cookies, watching the rain fall outside and listening to some shitty R&B. As much as I love hip hop, I cannot bring myself to like its uglier, whinier cousin. I’m just too lazy and/or preoccupied to change the station.

What season are we in now? Yeah. Beats the hell out of me. One minute it’s relatively sunny, another it’s threatening to storm. For a second today it was kind of warm, but about five minutes later it was breezy and chilled. So if it seems odd that I’m wearing a jacket and shorts at the same time well, it’s really not that crazy. We’re just having a wee bit of weather confusion.

First wearing of shorts for the season. What can I say? Call it wishful thinking. I’m not even much of a fan of shorts. I prefer skirts, capris, bermudas, tutus, a burlap burkha. Really anything over having to bare such vast expanses of leg. But every once in a blue moon, the mood strikes me. Today = blue moon. It feels like it should be late enough in the season for shorts, even if the weather begs to differ.

I really like these shorts. And I hope you do too, because I bought them in no less than three colors. When you find shorts that fit, are comfortable and look cute on? Well that’s a veritable triumph right there. You gots to get on that shit, son. Talking like a shady pimp in a 1970s blaxploitation flick, is optional. But do buy the shorts. Every color. Trust me on this.

I may or may not have copped this stripe/shorts/yellow jacket from a K-Mart ad, I saw. I’ll never tell. I was just very intrigued by the play of neutrals, and thought it might work perfectly with this little butter trench. It turned quite a few heads today, which I thought was strange because I thought I looked like a wastrel little French boy. But once I was wearing it out and about, I totally came to love the shorts and trench combo. The weather may never make up its mind, but in the meantime, I’m liking the way it looks.

Jacket – Thrifted (Candies)
Shorts – 5.7.9
Stripe Shirt – Thrifted
Shoes – Thrifted

Title courtesy of Vampire Weekend – “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa”