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Hey peeps. Short blog tonight. I’m sure everyone is winding down their week and I myself am pretty wiped.

Actually, today was exhaustive in the very best sense of the word. There was running and there was boating. Followed by a massage and procurement of frozen yogurt. I lead a rough life, I know.


I spent the day in a number of outfits – the workout gear, the boating gear and then this. I opted to show you the latter because it was obviously the cutest. One of these days I’ll try to put together a boat outfit post, but that will require me to wear something other than a haphazard combination of swimsuit, shorts, t-shirt and dirty sandals. So I’ll have to think on it.

This dress once appeared winterized and I decided it was time for a summer version.  Since the previous version of this dress played off its grey tones and Boho qualities, today I tried to make it more colorful and playful for summer. I probably could have added even more bright accessories but I was in a rush and not in the mood to pile things on. It was so hot out today. Hot enough to wear something short and simple. Perfect for a quiet night out and about in the neighborhood.

I hope you guys don’t mind the repeats too much. For me, it’s a happy reunion. No matter how much fun I have dressing different every day for the sake of the project, I sorely miss the regular wearing of favorite pieces. I will try to resume with more interesting outfits within the next week. I’ve just still got a lot on my mind and I think it’s forcing me into a rut. I’m also open to suggestions for June’s theme week. I’m kicking around a few ideas but nothing is jumping out at me. If you have a great idea, I would be much obliged to hear it. Holla at me!

Dress – Thrifted (Kimchi Blue)
Rouched Green Tank – Work
Necklace – Wet Seal
Shoes – Local Shoe Boutique

Title courtesy of Travis – “Re-Offender”