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Happy Friday! I can’t decide if this week went quickly or slowly. A little of both, I guess. How about you guys? You know what has definitely gone quickly? This month! Holy crap. I feel like summer is slipping right out from underneath me. There is still so much to do!

But since it is nearing the end of the month, it’s almost time for Theme Week. Here are the ideas I’m kicking around. I could really use some input from you guys. Tell me which of the following sounds most exciting to you:

a) Wordless Week (Like Wordless Wednesdays in blogland, a daily summary told in lots of images from my day, without the text)
b) Black and White Week (All black and white outfits, all week)
c) Summer Blockbuster week (Outfits inspired by my favorite movies. Because I’m narcissitic and I don’t really care about actual blockbusters)
d) Reader’s Choice Week (You guys tell me what to wear, I draw out of a hat. Similar to my 100th outfit contest, only 7 days worth)
e) These all suck. Here is a better idea:_______________________

Pretty please let me know! We have a week to narrow it down, but I like to brainstorm ahead of time.


Okay something is wrong with WordPress. This post was complete. And had pictures. And had different theme week options that I edited. And then it decided to eat itself and post. Lovely. I’ll try to rehash that which completely disappeared.

I put together this outfit way earlier this year, but deemed it far too summery back then. Now that it’s basically summer proper, I could wait no longer. This cream pleated skirt is difficult to work with due to the stiffness of the pleats and the pearly brightness of it all. Graciously, this fun top also contains off-white qualities which make them well suited together. Our goregous weather has me feeling festive and something about this outfit just feels sort of vintage yet convivial. Like I could be smoking cigars on city balcony with Frida Kahlo.

Which makes my Friday evening seem so sad by comparison. It feels criminal to be trapped in windowless building under flourescent lighting this time of year. At least my outfit knows how to party.

Skirt – Thrifted
Top – Charlotte Russe
Earrings – Wet Seal
Shoes – Work

Title courtesy of Madonna – “Holiday”