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OMG you guys. This week. I don’t even know what to say any more. Most of it is work-related and thus not super appropriate to vent about. Otherwise, I would let you in on the rant/vent of a lifetime.

Kendi wrote recently that she feels like she’s getting a landslide of Karma handed to her at once. And it occurred to me that maybe that’s my problem too. Karma is a big deal to me. Working in customer service for so many years, taking the unwarranted abuse of total strangers, I eventually found inner peace when I began believing in the notion. It’s so much easier to smile and nod at whatever comes your way, when you believe that maybe later the d-bag that’s giving you a hard time will get their car dinged in the parking lot (or something equally inconvenient). And that retribution eventually finds us all.

I take Karma so seriously that I have it tattooed on me. My only tattoo, in small letters down the spine of my back. And I attribute Karma to nearly everything that happens to me, good and bad. Which is why I’m so dumbfounded about my current Karmic ass-kicking. I feel like I’ve been exceptionally good lately. I’ve been kind to the elderly and small woodland creatures. I’ve kept my gossip to a reasonable minimum. Minded my Ten Commandments (Which, really, when you work in customer service is tough. That whole not killing people thing? That’s a lot to ask.). I haven’t even taken any $20 bills out while buying “groceries” and spent them on clothes. Lately.

While trying to trace any possible missteps on my part, I began to contemplate whether there were Karmic elements involved in dressing oneself. Like brownie points for your outfit. Because clearly I have too much time on my hands to think about such things.

I don’t love this outfit, upon seeing it in pictures. But for giggles, let’s do the math. It’s matchy. (+2!) It makes use of a fun belt (+1) Which may or may not be subversive of a foreign culture (-1). Harkening to Geisha culture, which may or may not be subversive to women (Oh dear…) And my skirt is entirely too short (+ or – depending on who I happened to walk by today.)

Maybe there’s no Karma in clothing, after all. So what’s a girl to do? Well. I guess just sit back, keep towing the line and wait for the Karmic checkbook to rebalance itself. If my calculations are correct, after the week I’ve had, I should be about to hit pay dirt.

 Ruffle Top – 5.7.9
Flyaway Cardigan – Work
Obi Belt – Wet Seal
Shoes – Payless
Earrings – Wet Seal

Title courtesy of Garbage – “Wicked Ways”