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Happy Sunday, all. And Happy Father’s Day! I don’t know if there are any dads that read this blog. I don’t even think my own dad reads this blog. But in the event that you are, Happy Father’s Day, Dad! I love you.

I tried to think of ways in which my father has influenced my fashion sense. Occasionally, in my store, I come across fathers who stand there awkwardly while their daughters browse. Other times, I see dads get into arguments with their daughters over the length of skirts or the width of tank top straps. I once had a friend whose father insisted upon choosing her back to school dress every year. It’s instances like these that make me glad my dad pretty much steered clear of anything fashion related. He taught me how to make sweet newspaper hats, and that’s about it.

So, I combed my family photo collection in search of some fatherly inspiration for today’s outfit. And I found two things: 1) My dad isn’t in many of the photos in the first place because he took them all and 2) My dad wore the same two striped shirts for pretty much the majority of my childhood. But hey. Ain’t nothing wrong with stripes.

My own stripe addiction has been previous discussed. So maybe I did inherit some fashion sensibilities from my dad, after all.

In any event, this dress was made for stripes. Nautical much? Sure. But as far as I’m concerned, the more ways I can style this dress the better. I love it so so so so sososososo much. When I wore it back in February, you might remember that I covered up the additional detailing with a cardigan. Today, I let the dress stand at full attention in all of its shiny buttony glory.

On a side note, our title artist Fiona Apple was never a favorite of my dad’s. He used to make me change the channel when the video for “Criminal” was on, because she was so grossly skinny and the video was kind of trashy. Long story short, Fiona Apple is still to this day my favorite musician of all time and forever. So I guess it’s a good thing my dad never dictated my clothing choices.  I had relative freedom to dress myself and I don’t think I suffered for it. Thanks Dad!

Dress – F21
Striped Shirt – Wet Seal
Shoes – Thrifted (Candies)
Earrings – The Icing

Title courtesy of Fiona Apple – “Oh Sailor”