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Woohoo! I had the laziest day today, and it felt so great. Lazy by my standards of course, includes 6 a.m. spin class, a morning nap, one brief Goodwill excursion, a trip to the library, sunning by the pool and reading, yoga class and movie watching. I say lazy, because I didn’t get around to vacuuming or scrubbing down the bathroom. Oops. My bad.

After many days of lamenting that I hadn’t seen “Grease” in years and wanted to, I flipped on the TV to find it just starting! I was so excited. It clashed briefly with my pool plans, but that’s what DVR is for. It was followed up by none other than “Dirty Dancing.” So basically today is the day of my pre-teen dreams. All that’s missing is a copy of YM Magazine and the overwhelming waft of Herbal Essence shampoo samples.

This reminds me, it looks like Blockbuster Week is a go for Theme Week based on your votes. Did you know I tried to eliminate this option, after deciding that nobody would care about my crappy taste in movies?  But then WordPress screwed up my post before I could catch the error and gave everyone the option? True story. So now I’m doing a theme week that I initially self-vetoed but you guys seem stoked for. I guess it was meant to be. But yeah.

Further evidence of my laziness today can be seen in this lackadaisical outfit. In my defense, this is my first foray into the wearing of such a bright coral color. I wanted to ease into it with a simple tee and capris. I think it went okay. It’s such a spicy color, but I admit, it’s growing on me. I love capris in any shape, size or color. But what I especially love about these capris are the small details. The cute pockets and sweet decorative buttons.

This scarf is ever so lovely but only after its purchase did I realize how small it was. I wanted to show it off, but it’s not really large enough to drape. Instead I rigged it into a sort of makeshift do-rag and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Tomorrow, I can get fancied up and go to work. Today, I enjoyed the whims of simplicity and all it had to offer.

Tee – Work
Capris – Thrifted
Shoes – Wal-Mart
Necklace – Wet Seal
Scarf – Thrifted

Title courtesy of Pitbull – “Go Girl”