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Do you ever have a week go by where you felt non-existent? I’ve noticed this phenomenon, which happens to me every six weeks or so. You know, when you’re trying to reach out to friends, trying to get things accomplished, trying to say what’s up world? And no one will return your calls or your emails or even your Facebook wall posts?

It’s always a pendulum swing though. Because intevitably once I give up on everyone and get all misanthropic, my lines of communication will suddenly be blowing up. Jerks.

But anyway. You know who else is quiet lately? YOU GUYS. What gives? Did I do something wrong? Is there something in my teeth? I want to know – What’s new? How is your summer treating you? What fun things are you doing in your free time? What music are you listening to? What movies have you seen? Tell me everything!

Will it help if I wear a fun yellowy dress?


New photo taking strategy! It turns out that, if you setup shop to take pictures near anything that is even remotely a landmark, you can enjoy relative privacy. No one questions the tripod. No one bothers you. No one even stares at you. I stopped off at this local “Historical Point of Interest” to take my photos today, because it looked pretty deserted unlike my usual parks. This building is called a milk house and was built after the first herd of Jersey cows were brought into town. (And educational too!) I personally like this place because the small and low-seated window makes me look tall.

Anyway. I told you it was a fun dress! I just can’t resist a good print. I’m also a huge fan of novelty details, such as the fact that it unzips all the way down. This will come in handy… well…never. But it’s still fun! I had a lot of ideas for the dress, but I wanted to do something besides black accessories or more yellow. I tried a handful of combinations but ultimately went with brown. Brown and yellow would usually strike me as too autumnal, but I think it works here because the dress is so very bright. 

And anyway, there will be time for other combinations as summer wears on. This dress is my new BFF, and we have many more good times in store. Assuming, of course, that she replies to me on Facebook.

Dress – 5.7.9
Yellow Tank – Work
Belt – Stolen off a skirt
White Blouse – Can’t remember
Shoes – Payless
Necklace – The Icing

Title courtesy of Carolina Liar – “I’m Not Over”