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Did I just get some Ke$ha stuck in your head? I’m sorry. As much as I want to hate her (and that ridiculous dollar sign), “Your Love is My Drug”? Is my drug. Total summer crack track.

Going for the short post today. If I’m starting to look and/or sound a little bedraggled, it’s because I’ve been battling a nasty migraine, on and off, since Friday. Completely stress-related, I know this. Especially since it disappears on my days off and then magically returns as soon as I walk in the mall. Occasionally, it follows me home too.

Tomorrow should be okay. My only obligations are to go for a run, do something fun with my mentoring buddy and go to my book club. All fun stuff and hopefully painless.

Speaking of running. As promised, I did get my workout/training page up and running. It’s just a simple journal format for when I feel like blabbing about that stuff. But if you like that sort of blabber – you are welcome to it. It can be found by clicking the tab at the top labeled “Jenny a Go-Go.” I’m sure I’ll have no problems keeping it regularly updated.

Totally random today. In truth, I could stand to go shopping. I know what you’re thinking, but really! I haven’t bought anything in weeks. I have money. I’m under budget and it’s burning a hole in my pocket. But whenever I look at clothes I feel very non-committal. Did you know that we’re reaching the midway mark for the project? I’m almost halfway done and I have no clue what I’m going to need for the latter half.

I decided to return to some oldies. Both skirt and tank made appearances clear back in January. As much as I love new things, I get very inspired when I’m able to reuse and remix. So there’s that. inspiration for this fun stripey look struck this morning after I decided to postpone a couple of other looks. In my haste, I was feeling like something purple and grabbed the skirt. The tank was chosen for it’s similarly grey stripes and the rest just sort of flew together in a blur. It’s an extremely summery look. Bare arms, even! Then I felt oddly exposed, so of course, I threw on a scarf. You can’t see it well in the photos, but both tank and scarf contain elements of sparkle. Hooray for shiny things!

My only other thought looking at today’s pictures is as follows: holy crap I could use a tan.

Skirt – 5.7.9
Striped Glitter Tank – Work
Grey Tank – F21
Shoes – Work
Necklace – Charlotte Russe
Scarf – Work

Title courtesy of Ke$ha – “Your Love Is My Drug”