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So it’s Thursday already? Good grief. Where is the time going?

I am late posting, because I was at book club. I love book club. It’s the only thing that keeps me reading when I’m so busy with everything else. I sneak in my reading on my lunch breaks at work and then maybe a few pages before bed, but somehow, I’m at least reading a book a month. More if the book is a quick read.

This month we actually read a Marilyn Monroe biography and it was fabulous. I have to say I never got the big deal about Marilyn Monroe before. I was an Audrey worshipper and strictly speaking, Team Jackie. But it was extremely fascinating. Well-researched and full of juicy stuff. Perfect summer read.

A little bit eccentric today. Although I mostly adhere to current trends and tried and true classics, some days I just like to throw a bunch of stuff on and attempt to rock it. So that’s what I did today. Messy hair, weird prints, big funky accessories. On it goes.

Oh Lord, it was way too hot to wear all black today. I didn’t really think about it while dressing. I just felt like wearing black. I didn’t suffer in the heat too much. I hung out with my junior mentor buddy and we opted to catch a matinée of “Toy Story 3.” (Verdict: decidedly darker than its predecessors, but still totally cute and funny) It was nice and cool in the theatre and these pants were perfectly comfortable for lounging. And luckily this pretty top has some color and some fun detailing to redeem the whole scheme.

In truth, I think I’m just in a black kind of mood. Dressing in black was my way of acknowledging, rather than indulging it. That and writing a rap track called “Shit On My Mind.” It doesn’t have any lyrics yet, but I think the title is a good start.

Print Top – 5.7.9
Black Tank – F21
Cargo Capris – 5.7.9
Shoes – Thrifted
Necklaces – Wet Seal and Work
Earrings – The Icing

Title courtesy of K’Naan (Featuring Adam Levine) – “Bang Bang”