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I’ve been thinking about something. You know what kind of bums me out? People who know me in real life, who read this blog but won’t admit it. It’s silly. For one thing, I make the blog fairly public knowledge. Secondly, I write here every day knowing full well that it could be read by anybody. There are no juicy secrets in this blog (sad, I know!) and I choose my words very carefully. And I do it so everybody can read. Everybody. But nobody will ‘fess up.

Other times, I wonder who all my new anonymous friends are. I look at all the hits coming in from Denver and the surrounding areas and think, who are these people? Are we friends? And if so, WHY NOT? I’m sitting at home, bored on a Friday night and we could be out being besties. Doing things that besties do. Maybe making fun of the word “besties” because it’s ridiculous.

This isn’t really a call for you to delurk (although it would totally make my day if you did!) but merely an observation. Blogging is weird like that. Did you ever see that episode of “30 Rock” where Jenna is all sad, because she hasn’t heard from her stalker in awhile? I feel like that sometimes. I love “30 Rock.” And stalkers.

Something else I love? Today’s outfit. I deem this a great summer outfit because it has a sense of adventure about it. One part gypsy, one part Midsummer Night’s Dream. A good summer outfit will take you places. 

I put this together today, mostly to showcase my pretty new top with ginormous floral applique. Seriously ginormous. It’s as big as my head and I love it. But I am swept up more by the nostalgia of an old piece.

This skirt is a longtime favorite of mine, so I can’t help but be happy when I wear it. I have a lot of good memories attached to this skirt. This skirt has been with me to street fairs and carnivals and outdoor theatre productions.  It’s light and gauzy, which means it usually gets worn in the summer, when I’m out having fun. Except tonight. Tonight I’m at home. Being sad. Sad that I have no friends.

Hint? Moi? Never.

Top – 5.7.9
Brown Tank – Work
Skirt – Charlotte Russe
Bracelet – Wet Seal
Shoes – Thrifted
Belt – F21

Title courtesy of Drake – “Over”