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Sooo. Here we are at another theme week! Upon the deciding vote from of a number of you guys, I’ll be choosing my outfits this week in tribute to a handful of my favorite movies.

I will however, have to ask your forgiveness for how unprepared I am this go round. My reluctance to do this theme, coupled with a lot of real life distractions, has rendered me much less planned-out than I typically am for a theme week. But I’m still going to try my best. Promise!

To make things easy on me, I’m starting out with the real no-brainer of the bunch. My favorite movie forever and always.


Cliché of me, perhaps. But I have seen “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” about eight million times, and I could watch it about eight million more without getting sick of it. Which came first? The Movie or my burgeoning Golightly persona? I really can’t say, but since about high school, this movie has pretty much informed me, my lifestyle and my fashion choices. I sometimes think that when getting to know new friends, I should just hand them a copy and say: Here. Here is everything you need to know about me. When I got married, instead of the traditional bridal march, I walked down the aisle to “Moon River.” Yeah. You could say I’m a little obsessed.

So there are about a billion crazy tutorials on YouTube for how to recreate the Holly Golightly updo and makeup. However, I’m opting not to go all out. It’s Sunday and my day off finds me feeling extraordinarily lazy. And let’s face it, nothing I could ever wear would ever do my favorite movie the justice it so richly deserves. Dude. I’m vain, but I know where the buck stops. This is just a tribute… you gotta believe.  


Luckily, one thing about imitating Ms. Golightly’s style is easy. All you really need is a little black dress. Hey, what do you know? I got a whole bunch of those. If we’re being honest, I used to have several LBDs that I chose specifically because they were reminiscent of the ones Audrey wears in the film. It’s sort of a shame that I went through a brief logical phase and weeded them out. Along with my long cigarette holder and my tasselled ear plugs. And my cat. But not my “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” doll collection. Those go with me to the grave.

This is just a simple number, but probably my favorite black dress that I own as of late. It requires little to no styling, just a little attitude to carry it off. It’s funny, I started off feeling lazy today but once the dress was on, I felt much more inspired. Much more Golightly in spirit. Ready to take Sing-Sing and the public library by storm. Ready for THEME WEEK.

 That’s the power of an LBD. And that’s the magic of my favorite movie.

Dress – Target
Shoes – Target
Hair Pins – F21
Earrings – Work

Title courtesy of Harry Mancini – “Moon River”