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Welcome to Day Two of theme week! This week I am choosing outfits using my favorite movies as inspiration. Summer Blockbuster week, Jenny Style.

I realized though, that when it comes to movies, I really only have a top five. In order to fulfill a full week, I had to come up with an additional two movies that I dig, to complete it. Today’s pick is not in my top five. However, since I can’t go more than a few days without making reference to it, I thought it might be fitting to add it to the mix. That movie being:

Swan song for the corporate drone, “Office Space” is easily relatable to anyone who has ever worked an annoying job. I’ve worked many many jobs and throughout them, this movie never stops being a cathartic experience for me. I find myself watching it on a regular basis and it never fails to make me feel better. It makes me laugh and keeps me hopeful that there are people out there who Get It. And anyway, liking “Office Space” is pretty much a prerequisite to being my friend.

Unfortunately, as costuming goes, there is very little fashion to be found in “Office Space.” Oh mute mid-90s business casual, how very uninspiring you are. The most color to be found in the movie is in Lumbergh’s putrid ties. Jennifer Aniston’s character is the only female in the flick and even her ensembles are pretty bland. Although, I did almost buy a green/white striped cardigan that would have rivaled her Chotchkies uniform. I just lacked the minimum 15 pieces of flair.

With so little to go on, I simply took the basic tenants of business casual and then tried to make it more summery and cute. More fit for my own consumption, really. It was my belief that a grey striped shirt with a collar, doesn’t have to be boring. And so this outfit came to pass. Since my real life occupation is that of Boss Lady, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to throw in a nod to Lumbergh. I threw on my most garish colored cardigan and surprisingly, I really like the mustard/grey/white combo. A happy accident, on purpose. Or something.

Here we have My Favorite Shorts: Version White. I never thought I’d see the day that shorts could be made business-like. (Dress code? To hell with it!) But I like the illusion we have going here. How could one possibly look unprofessional wearing a cardigan? And glasses! I’ve been lax about wearing mine lately (they’re hard to photograph without a glare) and what a shame it is. Glasses make everything look smarter.

Saddest thing though – I actually own an Initech coffee mug. It was gifted to me by a knowing friend and I had every intention of using it as a prop for this photo shoot. Just imagine how perfect it would have been! Tragically, it was nowhere to be found this AM. I turned the kitchen upside-down to no avail. My beloved mug is AWOL. A case of the Mondays, indeed.

Cardigan – Target
Striped Shirt  – Work
Shorts – 5.7.9
Shoes – Work

 Title courtesy of Michael Bolton – “When a Man Loves a Woman”