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Hello, hello. Theme week continues today. If you’re just now reading, I am challenging myself to pick outfits this week, based upon my favorite movies.

There’s a good chance you haven’t seen or even heard of today’s movie. And that’s okay. Although I do suggest you remedy that, immediately. Apparently, you can watch the movie in its entirety on YouTube. Which I would actually suggest, since the trailer completely fails to capture the essence of the movie. The movie?

For a Cher movie, “Mermaids” is admittedly pretty obscure. I think I discovered it on TV on a random afternoon and I’ve been enamored of it ever since. It’s one of those movies you just kind of want to live in. Everybody knows Cher is fierce. In the leading role, she reminds me of the kind of mother I might be by default (minus the promiscuity). Movie quote: “A word about Mrs. Flax and food: the word is “hors d’oeurves.” Fun Finger Foods is her main source book and it’s all the woman cooks.” I just love it. A young and fabulous Winona Ryder, steals the show. And as an added bonus, you’ve also got a very very young (but talented) Christina Ricci in the youngest daughter role.  A brilliant ensemble cast. This movie is what chick flicks should aspire to be.

As the characters go, Cher’s role provides the most fashion inspiration. Her character Rachel is a colorful dresser who lacks a little decorum and isn’t afraid to cause a stir with her clothing choices. So basically, a character I can get behind.

I wasn’t totally sure how to go about recreating this character’s look. I had a few things in my closet that I thought might work, but nothing was standing out. I ended up choosing this one because I thought the shape was most appropriate for the period. It also seemed the most flamboyant pattern to get the job done. I could never get my hair to do such gravity defying things as hers does in the movie. It’s just not gonna happen. But I threw on a headband for good measure and liked the added grooviness that it brings to the mix.

That said, I stopped caring about whether or not the dress was a proper tribute after about an hour of wearing it. I am totally in love with this thing. The shape, the colors, everything. Easily the best two dollars I’ve ever spent. Next to the Crystal Light Mango Slurpee that I invested in today. In a delightful turn of events, the Slurpee matched my dress. So okay, the best four dollars I have ever spent.

Dress – Thrifted
Belt – Work
Shoes – Local Shoe Boutique

Title courtesy of Jimmy Soul – “If You Wanna Be Happy”