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Theme week continues! Welcome to the Wednesday edition! Thanks pending to those of you who demanded this theme week. Although I wasn’t crazy about it at first, it has ended up being a fun challenge. Thanks pending of course, because I still have a couple more days to go. Ha.

Good news today! If you’ve been reading and feeling perturbed by my lack of elevated taste in movies, today there is an actual classic and critically acclaimed movie in my top five. A movie of rather epic proportions, in fact. One of my favorite movies of all time is “Citizen Kane.”

Since the trailer has nothing to do with the actual movie, I’m just going to give you a favorite scene.

I was first introduced to “Citizen Kane” in my Intro to Media class in college. I was moved. Later, I received a special edition DVD of the movie as a gift upon my college graduation and told it was a “must-watch.” Granted I had already seen it, but I heeded that advice and watched it about twenty times that summer as I was living on the East Coast for my internship with little else to do. I had just finished up my journalism degree and was feeling rather disillusioned with all things news. The movie spoke to my disenchantment while also totally enchanting me.

I still watch it every so often, along with the special edition documentary that comes with it. I never tire of it. After all, there is so much to love. The movie is lauded muchly for its cinematography and yes, the black and white is fabulous. But there’s so much other great stuff going on. The grandiosity! The one-liners! The dramatics!The lampooning of a media icon and the scathing commentary on newsmaking!  Rosebud! Orson Welles looking young and dare I say it?…Kinda hot!

Black and white movies provide a whole new arena of inspiration. And a movie on as grand a scale as “Citizen Kane” is rather intimidating. After another recent viewing, I decided I wouldn’t even touch the female fashion, as extravagant period costumes aren’t totally practical for work. Or in 90+ degree heat. Instead I turned to my boyfriend Orson for outfit cues. He was no slouch as a dresser. Just check out those snappy wide collars and debonair suspenders. Nevermind the expensive artwork, I’m more excited about the pinstripe paradise going on up at at Xanadu!

I did my best to fill Orson’s robust britches. I had a sizeable steak for dinner last night and an extra heap of cottage cheese at breakfast. Still, there’s one aspect of Kane’s wardrobe that I can seem to pull off, and that’s a fedora. I tried all manner of the hats we have at my store and they all looked just terrible. I feel sad about this, because I think it’s what this outfit really needs to be complete.

I did get a couple of compliments on this outfit, which surprised me. That’s what I like about these challenges. It’s not that this is outfit isn’t my style. I like to try new things for the project, but I never dress out of my comfort zone, simply for yuks. I even looked at it, after it was on and I was finishing up my makeup, and said You know I like this, but what about adding a big effing belt? So see? Nothing compromised. It’s just not something I’d ordinarily come up with. 

It’s a little more masculine but I like it. I had a hell of a day, and I think this outfit gave me the bolster that I needed to power through it. It’s the faux suspenders/scarf. All I need to do is tug at them pensively and I feel ready to run for office, declare war on Spain, you name it. But I think I’ll start by tackling my Netflix queue. Absolute power. Oh yeah.

Chambrey Button-Down – Max Rave
Vest – Thrifted
Capries – Wet Seal
Scarf – Stolen off a jacket
Shoes – Payless
Belt – Stolen off a shirt

 Title courtesy of Ryan Adams – “Rosebud”