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It’s Friday, kids! Hooray!

And it’s also Theme Week, Day Six! Kenzie of Fossil Frame  kindly lent me a title – Jenny From The Block-Buster Week. It’s punny. It’s all-encompassing. It’s cheesy and it incorporates one of the best songs ever written with my name it! I love it. Thanks Kenzie!

You know what else I love? Today’s movie:

Another departure, I suppose. I wouldn’t call myself a fan of action movies. But occasionally, when a movie comes along that’s sort of sick and twisted, while also action-packed? I am totally down. It’s true. I like a little anarchy on the side of all things pretty. I may look slight and sweet. But beneath all my 5’1″ lies an undercurrent of unchanneled and uncharted ire. I have always wanted to get into a fight. I’ve just never had the opportunity. So instead, I just watch “Fight Club” and it makes me feel better. It’s catharsis for the thinking rageaholic. It’s like the movie says, “It was on the tip of everyone’s lips. Tyler and I just gave it a name.”

Customarily, “Fight Club” is kind of a dude movie. But I’ve always been more of a guys’ girl, anyway. That’s probably why I like this movie. And I probably could have went the masculine route with this one. Some cargos, a beater tank and aviators. Ah but, there is one female lead in the movie. Marla Singer. An annoying character but the most interesting dresser of the bunch.

I had a hard time figuring this one out. And an even harder time trying to throw together a theme outfit when we were headed out of town. I threw a couple of dresses in a bag. It was Marla after all, who was a proponent of the thrifted frock.

I didn’t have anything nearly so outlandish as to imitate Marla’s strange and sometimes sequined looks. I didn’t even have the courage to turn my hair in to a nest. Although I did rock some rather prominent black eyeliner (hidden behind my shades, oops.) But Marla and I do have one thing in common, which is that we both own a lot of black. And anyway, wearing a cocktail dress out and about on a random summer day is outlandish in its own right. I didn’t expect this outfit to garner many compliments but strangely it did. A woman at the pharmacy told me my dress was darling. I am Jenny’s blatant disappointment.

But if it’s worth anything, I did scout this sketch old house near downtown Denver. What you can’t see is all the decay around back or the creepy boarded-up windows. Project Mayhem could have very well been going on in this house. So naturally, I convinced the husband that we needed stop and take pictures there.

Dress – Thrifted/Vintage
Shoes – Payless
Hat – Old Navy

Title courtesy of BT – “Fight Club Remix”