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Well we made it to the end of the week and I am exhausted! I think Theme Week wore me out. Or maybe it was the million other things I had going on. In any event, I am grateful to have had the challenge and admittedly, kind of grateful to be done with it. Theme weeks definitely help break up the monotony of the project, but this was hard!

Today is the last day of my movie extravaganza. I mentioned earlier in the week that I had to add two additional movies to my Top Five, in order to fill out a week. This is the other of the two. I had a bunch of films I was mulling over, but ultimately I decided that we couldn’t possibly have a movie week Jenny style, without at least one musical. A beloved favorite of mine and one of the best movie musicals ever made (in my opinion, natch). I give you “Chicago.”

I’m pretty sure I spent the better part of 2002, listening to the soundtrack for this movie. I know every single line, and it’s actually on my lifetime bucket list to be in a stage production of “Chicago.” The one time I lived somewhere that was putting it on, I talked myself out of auditioning. But I remain confident about my chances to fufill this dream someday, since none of the female leads are particularly young. I’ve been in lots of plays but never a musical. If I was going to do one, “Chicago” would be it. All that I need to do now is a) Conquer my fear of public singing and b) Move to a town with a very small population and a theatre company that just happens to be producing “Chicago.”

I know you were probably expecting a bit more flashy . And I’m sorry. The problem was of course, that I had to go to work. Fishnets were a no go. That, and I had already exhausted my more period costume-looking pieces this week. However, upon a viewing of the movie yesterday, I noticed something I hadn’t before. Which is that, while the cast spends half the movie in what basically amounts to glittery underwear, the other half is spent in their prison garb. Prison garb that looks remarkably a lot like my chambrey dress.

“Chicago” is about a bunch of fierce flapper murderesses who just also happen to be talented vaudeville performers. Shit, if that isn’t something to aspire to, I don’t know what is. But the reality is that they’re still doing most of their shimmying from a prison cell.

The dress’ resemblance to jail attire has been previously discussed. But whereas last time I wore it, I negated that (by adding bright whites) today I embraced it. Among the many things I love about the “Chicago” film adaptation is the way it transitions seamlessly from the gritty County Jail to a flashy cabaret stage throughout each musical number. The addition of a shear and silky top under my dress is sort of a nod to that. I like the illusion that underneath such a heavy drab garment could be a shimmery little number. That we could be ready to burst into song and dance and a moments notice.

Lastly, I wasn’t about to go completely jazz-less. This headband is definitely the most 1920s inspired piece that I own. So while it may not be enough to spare this outfit from a lynch mob, it managed to razzle dazzle you for just a bit, didn’t it?

Dress – Work
Black Sheer T0p – 5.7.9 
Shoes – Payless
Headband – Work
Belt – Thrifted

Title courtesy of “Chicago” The Soundtrack – “Cell Block Tango”