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I woke up this morning to the ultimate scenario. A rainy summer morning, a day off, a good book to read and absolutely nowhere to be. I brewed up a nice big pot of Tanzanian Peaberry and got straight to work. I plowed through the second half of “The Help” and did practically nothing until noon. It felt so deliciously lazy, like I haven’t felt in probably years. Today was one of the few days throughout the entirety of the project that I was craving a truly casual outfit. As in, a hoodie and the one baseball cap that I own. Don’t worry. I think it was just the weather, and I didn’t cave.

Having finished one book (and this month’s book club selection) in record time, I now have nearly a whole month of free reading time. Which I think, means that it’s time to do something very long overdue. A task at which multiple attempts have failed me. Something years in the making. I think this may be the summer that I finally finish the Harry Potter series. I know. But it just hasn’t happened for me. Today makes for probably the fifth time I’ve checked out “The Deathly Hallows” from the library. Consider this me being accountable. I will finish it and give you a full book report by the end of the month.

With the rainy cold staring me down this morning, I had to scrap my previous outfit plans and start afresh. No bare shoulders and shorts for yours truly today. Instead, I just wanted to be warm and comfy and not so colorful.

Now I realize (or rather realized) that a mini skirt isn’t exactly warm. Having spent a morning in the cozy confinement of my living room, I didn’t really fathom just how chilly it was out. It wasn’t until after I’d put this on and gone out to run errands that I got the point. Ordinarily, my legs and feet rarely get cold. It’s my shoulders and upper half that I have to worry about. Hence the scarf and sweater. All said and done, I like the look. I don’t usually go for brown/black mixes, but once the mood struck me to combine them today, I couldn’t let it go. I devised this pairing and went on my merry way.

Additionally, I realize that the flip-flops are a hella ghetto way to finish off the outfit. Believe it or not, this is not laziness on my part, but rather due to the fact that I have blisters the size of China on both of my poor feet. For future reference, running four miles without socks, is something I definitely don’t recommend.

Striped Cardigan – Thrifted
Plain Black Tee – Work
Circle Scarf – Target
Flip Flops – Local shoe boutique
Skirt – Thrifted

Title courtesy of Kanye West – “Love Lockdown”