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Oh man. TGIF. I mean, I guess. I am working for the weekend, but it always feels good to see another week bite the dust, no?

I am posting this all quick-like. Because then I’m heading in to work to deal with, guess what? More computer issues at my store. We managed to go about two weeks meltdown-free. A veritable triumph in itself. But whatever. Just whatever. Does anyone have any job opportunities for me that do not involve technology of any kind? I’m just putting it out there for the rogue Amish using the internet, again. I’ll come churn butter for you. You can pay me in sweaters.

Again, terrible pictures due to my hurry to get to work. Although it’s kind of neat to be back in my old school picture-taking spot. Six months ago I thought I would never have the guts to venture off my balcony for daily photos. I’m glad I’ve at least relatively conquered that fear. Even if I still lie to inquisitive passersby and tell them I’m taking a self-portrait for a class.

Kind of a casual outfit today. I threw this together rather quickly but I like the mix of blues going on. I feel like my blingy necklace detracts from the fact that I didn’t really try all that hard. Accessories make everything better! Those of you stuck in the heat wave probably want to kill me right about now, but it’s honestly not very warm here. I am one of those chronically cold people, so our barely 70s weather has me reaching for an extra layer.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend! I’ll catch you tomorrow.

Aqua Tank – Work
Floral Tank – Work
Cardigan – Max Rave
Denim Capris – Wet Seal
Shoes – Work
Necklace – Work

Title courtesy of Spoon – “I Turn My Camera On”