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My mom texted me earlier today, to let me know that she was sending some new visitors this way. So I want to extend salutations to anyone new to the blog. Hello!

My mom also told me that I needed to watch my language. And since my mom is a better promoter of this blog than I am, I figure I better heed her advice. I won’t be saying any swears today. My parents always  tried to teach me to use alternative words, when compelled use colorful language. Fluffy kitties, I believe, was the preferred explicative. I’ll do my best. I truly don’t mean to offend anyone. Some days I just get in a mood.  Days like today. Let’s just say those kitties were pretty…fluffy…today.

I went to the gym, but it didn’t really help. So then I went to the candy aisle at Target and put together a bag of Sixlets, candy corn, chocolate covered cherries and orange slices. You heard right. In one bag. I don’t know why people rag on emotional eating so much. It’s always worked fabulously for me!

Despite everything around me being a big…fiddlestick… I am pleased with today’s look. I had all but forgotten about this dress, which I wore clear back in February. Today I ditched any layering of it, but it still needed something.

When I first saw this scarf, I absolutely had to have it. We had a “Jerry Maguire” moment, the scarf and I. I didn’t bother trying it on. (Who tries on a scarf?) I just knew it would complete me. Unfortunately, both times I’ve tried to wear it, I’ve found it looks rather ostentatious on. Maybe it’s because I have a small head, but it totally overwhelms me. I may give it another try in the winter when scarves are more the norm, but in the interim, I decided to try it out as a sash. Now as a sash? I like.

That’s all I really have to say today that wouldn’t need to be redacted. Peace and happy weekend everyone!

Oh and p.s. be very proud of me, because I tried something new with my hair today and it didn’t turn out looking like…sugarglider.

 Dress – Target
Scarf – Rue 21
Shoes – Work
Earrings – 5.7.9

Title courtesy of The Fratellis – “Flathead”