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Time for a quick post and then I am outta here! Where am I going? Why, we are off to camp it up! With a tent. Not a feather boa, which is another kind of camping it up that I am wont to do.

It’s true. While I am more inclined towards camping of the Phyllis Nefler variety (ten points + a lifetime friendship pass if you know the movie) I am also no sissy. I pitch tents, chop wood, toast marshmallows and wrastle bears hike with the best of them. We camped a lot last summer, and enjoyed it thoroughly. Which is why it feels like such a travesty that we’re just now wilderness-bound for the season. Still. Better late than never. I am off to enjoy 24 hours of rest and relaxation up in the mountains where my phone gets no bars and no one can find me. It’s going to be awesome.

So this is my camping uniform for today. It’s pretty simple. I went matchy for the sake of the blog. I don’t do fleece, or hiking boots. I eschew fanny packs and socks with sandals. You might catch me toting my Camelbak, but even that, I acquired in bright pink. No Colorado camping fashion crap for me. Just because we’re going to rough it, doesn’t mean we need to look rough. Not initially anyway.

But otherwise, needless to say, it’s also kind of unnecessary to get fancy for camping.  Which is why I’m rocking no layers and no jewelry.  I have extra layers and some books in a bag for later. And that’s it. As we are fond of saying when headed for the great outdoors, “If we didn’t bring it, we don’t need it.”

Checkered  Button-Down – Work
Shorts – 5.7.9
Cowboy Boots – Thrifted

 Title courtesy of Cake – “Love You Madly”