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Oh, home again. I’m not gonna lie. I did not want to come home from the mountains already. If it were up to me, I would just go live in a secluded cabin for a week and not come back until I was 100 % refreshed and rejuvenated. But otherwise, I thoroughly enjoyed our camping trip. It was completely peaceful. We cooked stuff on the fire, the husband fished and I am happy to report that I’m about half done with Harry Potter. Progress!

The only thing on the agenda for tonight is yoga and then enjoying the last couple of hours of freedom. My apologies in advance, but I’m not going to have quite as much time/energy to devote to blogging for the next week or so. I am working a long stretch at work. Which isn’t a big deal, but it will be keeping me pretty busy. I’ll do my best to keep up with everything!

Got totally busted while taking these photos today. I’ve always admired these neato bike racks at a nearby shopping center, so I asked the husband to accompany me today and snap my outfit pics there. We were almost finished when along comes Paul Blart in his little pick-up truck to tell us that it’s against the rules to take pictures there. Seriously? I was mortified at the time, but now I’m just kind of irritated. God, but I detest erroneous rule enforcers.

Anyway. Outfit! This is my new favorite outfit that I only get to wear once this year. What a shame. But not to worry little outfit, you will not be forgotten. Come January 1st, you’ll be first on my reunion guest list. Snow and ice be damned! I just love black and white combos. And this one is just so summery and fresh.

It’s also the only asymmetrical top I think I’ve ever loved. I am pretty OCD about symmetry, so the idea of a shirt that’s not all there sort of needles my complexes. And yet this top managed to lead me astray. Maybe that’s why I love it so much. It feels dangerous and forbidden. The cool summer breezes grazing my perilously exposed shoulder. If I walked into one of those no shoes, no shirt no service establishments, would I be allowed to stay? Who knows!

Rule bending shirts and public picture-taking? What’ll it be next? Who knows. I’m a rebel. That’s just how I roll.

Shirt – Work
Belt – 5.7.9
Shorts – 5.7.9
Necklace – Work
Shoes – Thrifted

Title courtesy of N.W.A. – “Boyz N The Hood”