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Oy vey. You guys. You have no idea what my day just entailed. Nevermind. It’s over. Crisis averted. But oy. That’s all I got to say. One down, eight more days of work to go.

Someone sent me a Formspring question inquiring about where I work. It’s been awhile since I’ve covered this, and since we have some new faces it can’t hurt to go over it again. So, I manage a clothing store. Which is why, you’ve probably noticed some of the things I wear are labeled “work.” There are a number of reasons why I choose not to disclose the particular store that I work for.

Aside from my own privacy issues (where do YOU work?), I am not an official representative of my company within the context of this blog and would never want to misrepresent myself as such. I like my job quite a lot, but they don’t pay me enough to do their bidding for them. I wish! I don’t care if anyone in my company knows about this blog, but I’m also not about to go crossing any professional boundaries. It’s a tricky balancing act, given that this is a clothing blog and my work informs my clothing choices. (And vice versa! Blogging has totally broadened my creativity at work!) But I hope you guys understand the need to omit all but vague details.

That said, if you have a legitimate reason for wanting to know – i.e. you see at item you absolutely must have and you don’t know where to buy it – I have no problems with you shooting me a personal email and then we can talk. Fair enough?

So, I was in the market for a lacy dress since the beginning of the year. I scored this one back in April on our Santa Fe trip and it was absolutely perfect. Sadly, I’d only gotten to wear it once since then, as part of my theme week mash-up outfit. It fit the bill for that swimmingly, but I wanted a chance to really showcase it on its own.

I tried accessorizing it every which way, this A.M. but you know what? It doesn’t need a lot of frills, being that it’s quite frilly by itself. I even took off the belt that I had on with it. Me? Omit a belt? Crazyness. But I think it works, plain and simple.

The dress won a lot of fans today, which is nice because I was feeling a bit Bo-Peepish when I first stepped out. That was before it occurred to me that a flouncy lace dress on an idle Tuesday has the power to make you instant belle of the ball. Attention? Fanfare? Where?! Sign me up! In lieu of that, my fears were quite short-lived.

Dress – Wet Seal
Brown Boy Tank – F21
Shoes – Thrifted (Candies)
Necklace – The Icing

 Title courtesy of the Raconteurs – “Steady As She Goes”