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A couple of observations from my day:

1.) If you walk into a store and someone says “Hi, how are you?” the polite thing to do, is to respond. A simple “Hi, I’m good” will suffice. A grunt will not. Nor will a bro nod. (Sup?) Or “I’M JUST LOOKING!!!!!!” Pretending you didn’t hear me at all? Also rude. By exchanging greetings, you aren’t obligating yourself to buy something or hear my life story. It’s called human courtesy. Get you some. Kudos, if you already do this. I just got the invisible treatment one too many times today and I fail to understand what’s so hard about saying hello back to someone who just took the time and energy to say hello to you.

2.) It’s summer and that means less coverage on the clothing front. Yippee skippee, right? Right. Well, almost. The kicker is that, depending on what kind of top you’re wearing, you also have to choose an appropriate undergarment to go with it. They’ve made marvelous advancements in bras over the past 50 years. You really have no excuse for wearing a regular bra along with your halter/tube/keyhole back/one shoulder/open back top. Has the memo not been circulating about me not wanting to see the entire back of your bra for what your shirt does not cover? Failing that, it’s called layering. Learn it. Live it. Love it.

Please and thank you.

I might be a tad cranky because I spent nine hours in an outfit that was rather ill-conceived for work. I knew the skirt was short. And I briefly considered this but was already too in love with the look to turn back. Its tulip shape helps the skirt stay appropriately in place while standing. It’s only when you bend down that one encounters problems. So this should not have been an issue. Except that my customers like to drop things on the floor and then leave it there for me to attend to. And thus, I spent much of my day waiting for the coast to be clear and doing some clever contortionist bending to pick things up.

But as I said, I really love the outfit. I was excited about my new belt and the fact that it matches these oft neglected shoes of mine. I feel very all-American in my denim and tan leather. Clean and breezy. Hot sun. Green grass. Apple pie and baseball. Stars and stripes. The Statue of Liberty and well… I’m the freaking Marlboro Man, okay?

Disclaimer: The Closet365 Project does not endorse smoking or the use of any tobacoo products. Just the wearing of aviators and crisp white shirts.

Tunic Button-Down – Work
Denim Tulip Skirt – Work
Shoes – Thrifted
Belt – 5.7.9

Title courtesy of Lenny Kravitz – “American Woman”