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Well, I have very little to bring to the table today. Because as it turns out, that saying about all work and no play? Totally true. I have absolutely nothing interesting to report having done nothing but work as of late. Don’t worry, it will all be over soon. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

I keep trying to think of ways to make the blog more interesting, because you guys seem to be dropping like flies in the comments section, and I feel terrible. With all the awareness that this will make me sound like a 7th grade girl I have to ask anyway – OMG why do you guys hate me?!

With seemingly a big case of apathy going around (and trust me, I am not immune) it would be really easy to just dress like a schlub this week. I often contemplate whether or not this blog is just a vanity project, (to which the answer is a resounding DUH). But sometimes, I think getting dressed up is an act of self-preservation. It’s a way of saying, yes this day may suck but I’m not going to give up before it even begins. I will conquer this day, and damnit, I will look cute doing it!

I woke up feeling less than enthusiastic this morning. I rolled out of bed groggy and kind of grumpy. Had a crappy run. Procrastinated on Facebook for about 20 minutes, just “liking” things. And then it was time to get dressed. Luckily, I did some brainstorming last week before things got too crazy and jotted down at least a vague plan for outfits this week. Rather than having to scramble, I just dressed according to plan. And amen for that plan, because as I soon as I was outfitted, I felt a strange twinge that felt something like optimism.

Perhaps against my default instincts, this outfit left me feeling flouncy and put-together. I feel like I just wore this skirt, since it appeared oh…six weeks ago. The Project seems to run on its own strange and elusive time scale. But anyway, since we last saw this skirt, the temperature has changed rather drastically and it now feels appropriate to pair it with a sleeveless top. I’ve had this tie-top for many years and I still love it. When it occurred to me that its fuchsia hue was similar to the reds and pinks in the skirt, I knew I had to introduce them.

Last but not least, I am happy to be reunited with my favorite big brown sunglasses. I am used to going through sunglasses at a rapid rate, which I why I always opt for cheap pairs. But I was uber disappointed when I busted the twin pair of these last week. I stepped on them in the middle of the night in our tent, while camping, and felt super sad that they died by my own hand. Or foot, as it were. I briefly considered finding a new brown pair to see me through the rest of the summer but when it just so happened that we still had the same style in stock, I simply re-bought them.

Wow. A entire paragraph about my sunglasses. Cool story, Jenny. And suddenly it dawns on me, why I get no comments…

Tie Top – Max Rave
White Boy Tank – F21
Skirt – Thrifted
Shoes – Target
Necklace – Work

Title courtesy of Jay-Z – “I Just Wanna Love You”