YOU GUYS. I did it! I am done with my 10-day work stretch. And oh, does it feel good. Not only that, but I was able to finish on a high note by wrapping up my floorset. Not that it means anything to you, but my store looks much prettier now. It was getting pretty stale. Summer clearance blowouts, while lucrative, do nothing for the aesthetic of the store. I much prefer the crisp cleanliness of back-to-school. Well. Crisp cleanliness in theory. The bummer about a nice new pretty floorset is that it draws people. I could barely finish my work without being trailed by customers who seemed intent upon destroying my handiwork. Fluffy kitties. Also, c’est la vie.

I was held up for an extra 45 minutes after work, and then I slogged through a completely arduous run at the gym. (BTW, those of you who followed me over here from my guest post, I do most of my blogging about fitness stuff on this page. It’s a pretty barebones operation but it gives me a place to talk about my half-marathon training and whatever else. Check it out if you like!)

But anyway. Productivity is the jam. And now that it’s all said and done, I feel great. Big thanks to all of you for hanging in with me. Who knows? Maybe I can get back to blogging about something more exciting than work. I have to do some more thinking on theme week, but you guys have some great suggestions. So thanks and keep them coming!

Now are you ready for some outfit? (Sung to the tune of the Monday Night Football jingle.)


Speaking of football. Here are two colors I almost never wear together. Blue and orange always struck me as kind of hideous together. But growing up in the CO, these are what we call “Bronco colors.” And it’s not that I have anything against the home team. I just still think orange and blue are terribly clashing colors. A big no-no on the color wheel, sporty homage or no.

You might remember this top from my birthday theme week. I actually really love the peasant-like shape of it, which is why I begrudge it the strange colors. It’s more teal/coral, if nothing else. And while we’re at it, I figured I’d just roll with it. Which is why I added more teal to the mix.  Far removed from football season, I figured it was safe.

Because today was another active day at work I opted against skirts and dresses once more. Sad day. Although it was kind of fun becoming reacquainted with these old denim Bermudas. I wore them a lot the past two summers but had all but forgotten them this year. I’m no longer sold on the shape of them, looking at them in pictures. No wonder The Husband kept calling them frumpy. I just chose not to trust his word. Coming from someone who frequently tells me that Sally Field is hot,I thought maybe he just had some sort of brain twitch like synesthesia that caused him to mix up hot and not.

Yes, my husband really has a thing for Sally Field. And not even old school Flying Nun, Sally Field. But like, present-day Boniva commercials, Sally Field. Often, while watching “Brothers and Sisters” he will glance over at me and tell me I’m so excited for us to get old, because you’re probably going to be a hot old lady like, Sally Field. And I’m never sure whether to be touched by this or just creeped out.

Plaid Top – Ross
Blue Ribbed Tank – Max Rave
White Tunic Tank – Work
Necklace – Wet Seal
Bermudas – Max Rave
Shoes – Wet Seal

Title courtesy of Swan Lake – “Are You Swimming In Her Pools”