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Earlier today I got in a staredown at a stop light with a guy that looked like a bloated B.J. Novak. Mostly I think he was just staring at me because I was singing Maroon 5 with the windows down. But after I caught him gaping at me, I went home and downloaded all of the good Maroon 5 songs, I could think of. To prove a point to no one other than myself. Although I don’t hold out a lot of hope based on their new single, “Songs About Jane” is still a kickass album. Especially in summer.

Other than that, today was blissfully uneventful. I had a nice lunch with The Mom after a mini-thrifting excursion. It’d been literally months since I’d thrifted anything and I thought I was having a dry spell. Luckily, a local Goodwill was kind to me today and I walked away with a small but awesome haul. Spent the rest of the day just vegging and doing some long overdue housework.

Ease and comfort was really the order of the day. After a long week (I feel like I should give it some sort of extreme quantifier. Uber Week! Week-X!) I wanted nothing more than to slip into something relaxing. I reached for my most Zen-like apparel and called it a day. I didn’t even bother to match my sandals to my shorts. Horrors!

This top isn’t quite as comfortable as I’d assumed. It gives the illusion of being very airy but really it’s kind of stiff and itchier than I’d recalled. Not that it’s an authentic garment by any means, but I’ve always marvelled at the ability of women in Asia and the Middle East who remain swathed in layers and long-sleeves even in the summer without sweltering to death. It’s either a perk or a weakness of the part of our Western culture that we can just be like hey it’s 75 out, let’s rock out in our skivvies!

Anyway, this might be an inadvertant theme week we have going on. This is the third day in a row that I haven’t worn a skirt. Or a dress. It’s a new record! But I thought shorts would be more comfy and also showcase the top better.

I received one compliment on the shirt from a stranger at the grocery store. Aren’t stranger compliments the best? I hope it doesn’t seem vain that I tell you whenever I get snaps for my outfits. I just consider it a documentation aspect of the project. Someday it will be fun, I think, to look back and reflect upon which outfits were the biggest hits. That’s all.

I’ll also be the first to tell you about the less-than-favorable responses. A few minutes later the grocery employee monitoring the self-check kiosks said to me, “I don’t know if you’ll take this as a compliment or not, but those are some very big sunglasses.”

Son, you got no idea.

Top – Thrifted
Pink Tunic Tank – Work
Shorts – 5.7.9
Earrings – Work
Flip Flops – Local shoe boutique

Title courtesy of Maroon 5 – “The Sun”