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Hello friends! I thought I wasn’t going to make it to post today. Work was INSANE. It was insane all week, but today took the cake. I’d like to say that Back-To-School is upon us early this year. But I keep asking people (with hope in my voice) so are we back-to-school shopping? And they keep saying no. So, I guess everyone is just shopping like the world is on fire for no apparent reason. Don’t get me wrong. I like busy, and I like business. But if this is the calm before the storm (and BTS is always a storm) then I am effed. I barely got to eat lunch today, which is unfortunate. Because according to my BodyBugg, running around like a chicken with one’s head cut off, burns in the upwards of 3,000 calories. So at least I’m having dessert tonight?

Here’s to the weekend. And if you have Back-To-School shopping to do, may I recommend you get out there early. It’s a mob scene already, and we’re just getting going.

Awww. Look how serene. One of these days, maybe, I’ll take my pictures after work so you can see what I look like after nine-hours in the trenches. HA! Okay, maybe not.


Ah, yes. If only the rest of my life were as pastoral as this dress. A customer told me my look was “so adorable it’s pathetic.” I’m not sure how we should interpret that. Maybe she meant like the Grecian, pathos. “The quality or power in an actual life experience or in literature, music, speech, or other forms of expression, of evoking a feeling of pity or compassion.” Yeah. Sure. I’m sure that’s exactly what she meant.

But in any event, I thought it was pretty cute myself. I felt a little juvenile pairing it with a t-shirt, but it was more appropriate for working. Now that I’m looking at it I think the white-tee gives it some extra pop. It also made it possible to reverse the dress so that the keyhole was in the front where I feel like it belongs. Even if the tag suggests otherwise. I do what I want!

Additionally, I tried to downplay the bumpkin affect with strappy wedges and red lips. And I think it worked. My mom spotted these wedges on a thrift trip, clear back in February, I think. At the time summer wasn’t even a blip on my radar, and I still had eyes only for closed toes, and heels. But once she pointed them out, I knew eventually a time would come for these sweet babies. Today was it. Good lookin’ out, Mom.

Dress – Rainbow
White Tee – Work
Shoes – Thrifted
Necklace – The Icing

Title courtesy of The Black-Eyed Peas – “Simple Little Melody”