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Hooray Saturday. I’ll keep this brief. Today was much quieter at work, which was kind of nice. I was able to catch my breath. But otherwise not much is new or exciting to report.

Tomorrow will begin our July theme week. I will tell you that I ended up going with my original idea. HOWEVER, I full intend on using some of the ideas generated by you guys. The only issue was that I needed more planning time to execute any of them. If there was one thing I learned from blockbuster week, it was Don’t Go Into Theme Week Unprepared. Especially not one so lofty as style icons, decades or even monochromatic. So, while you can expect to see those themes in months to come, I hope you’ll enjoy what’s in store anyway. I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow. 

I attempted, unsuccessfully, to break out of my own style rut today. It seems I’ve been really addicted to wearing blue this week. No idea why. I’ve just been drawn to it and managed to wear it almost every single day. Obviously, today was a fail since I ended up in blue anyway. But I did, turn down a blue and white striped number that would have been even more similar.

This also strikes me as a really great fall outfit. It was kind of chilly and cloudy this morning so when the magical hour snuck up on me and it was time to go to work, I just went with what was on my brain. And this is what came about. Ta-da! Or something. Buffalo check is always fun. It knows how to bring the party. Truthfully, I wonder if we’ll be seeing much of it this year. I know it’s been pretty big in fall, the last two years, so perhaps it’s time to move on? But then what would replace it? Just a traditional plaid? A nice tartan perhaps? These are the kinds of things I ask myself late at night when I can’t sleep. Right after What am I doing with my life? and What ever happened to Crystal Pepsi?

These shoes were a good find. No, a great one. See, you may or may not have noticed in the past, that I own these Candie’s mules in brown. They were thrifted months ago, and I love them very much. They’re very sleek and fun. They’re also completely comfortable for work. In my line of work, I am always elated when I find shoes that are both cute and durable for long shifts on my feet. I believe the common reaction is OMG BUY EVERY COLOR. And I do. That’s why you’ll notice that some of my shoes are the exact same pairs, just in varying shades. Boring, yes. But also practical. Still, because the brown pair was thrifted, it never even crossed my mind. That they might have a sister pair in black was a possibility had just never occurred to me. UNTIL THEY SHOWED UP AT GOODWILL. In my size and everything. Holy God. I’m still getting goosebumps remembering it. 

And that about sums up the excitement (or lack thereof) that is my life. Happy weekend everyone! I will catch you tomorrow.

 Plain Black Tee – Work
Skirt – Thrifted (Wet Seal)
Shoes – Thrifted (Candie’s)
Necklace – Work
Scarf – Work

Title courtesy of Beyoncé feat. Jay-Z – “Deja Vu”