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Greetings! Well, if the title song didn’t tip you off, let me be the first one to welcome you to Wedding Week aka THEME WEEK, here on the blog.

Now, if you’re like the couple of people that I initially told about this idea you probably just got all wide-eyed and excited like people get when you’re about to do something insane and they get to watch. And then as soon as I further explained, their faces fell. Yours probably will too. But hang with me. It’s not quite what you think. I will not be wearing wedding dresses this week. Nor will I be pulling a “27 Dresses” with all my bridesmaid dresses. I’ve actually never been a bridesmaid. Sorry to disappoint.

No. I’m talking about the cheap formal-ish dresses that you buy at a department store, to wear to a wedding and then never wear them again. See, I have this neurotic thing where every time I go to a wedding, I have to buy a new dress. It doesn’t matter if the wedding is on the opposite side of the country and involves none of the same crowd as any previous wedding, I will not repeat a dress worn to a wedding. It’s one of the few twitches I have that has served me well in terms of preparation for the Closet365 Project. The downside of course, is that I have dozens of these stupid dresses sitting in my closet, never to be worn again. Until now!

Now, so as not to be completely boring, I am also re-w0rking and re-styling the dresses for every day wear. In an attempt to prove that it can be done. And thus justify future purchases of yet more cheap dresses to wear to weddings. Yep.

First up:

This dress accompanied me to a family wedding last summer. Having had plenty of warning about the wedding’s approach, I scoured all of my usual Wedding Wear shopping spots. I shopped at least a month in advance and continually had poor luck. It was the end of the summer and apparently every wedding-appropriate frock had been snatched up. Sure, I could have just worn an old dress. But we’ve already been over that haven’t we? Two days before the wedding I found this one at Kohl’s for $4 and I threw in the towel.

Since it was an August wedding in Southern Colorado, I knew wanted something to combat the heat, which this one was perfect for. I decided I would style it sort of flowy and Grecian. (This is just a recreation sans hair and makeup) The addition of dark accessories coupled with the whimsical print made me more Disney villain (think Yzma from “Emperor’s New Groove”) than classic goddess. But whatever. I was happy with how it came out. Today, I just decided to give it a different spin.

These days, I’m far less indulgent of my dark side and far more in touch with my white side. (Which of course would have been helpful back at the wedding before I requested Soulja Boy and attempted the dance. But…bygones) I decided the first thing I wanted to do was brighten the look.

Tying a button-down is now a pretty standard trick of mine. But I like the illusion of added length that it gives my torso. It also helps with the modesty factor, when trying to make a dress like this more everday appropriate. But just in case, I filled in the extra space with a rouched tank, which also added some fun color. From there, all that was needed were some brighter accessories.

I’m not sure what we call this new look. When I wasn’t busy feeling like the activity director aboard a Carnival Cruise, I was still enjoying the flowyness of the skirt without the overexposed chill factor of the original outfit. All in all, I’d call it a success. Now who’s ready to Macarena?

Dress – Kohl’s
White Button Down – Can’t remember, it’s old
Necklace – F21
Rouched Tank – Work
Shoes – Local shoe boutique

 Title courtesy of The Crystals – “Going To The Chapel”