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Da da da dum. Welcome to Day Two of Wedding Week. Our July Theme Week. This week I am at last finding a use for all of the dresses I have bought for and worn to weddings. Because while I may never repeat a dress, I do like to get more than one use out of it. So all week I’ll be remixing them for everyday wear.

Talking about weddings and wearing these dresses dredges up a lot of memories for me. Some good and some bad. I think one of the qualities we frequently neglect to credit to our clothes is their ability to evoke nostalgia. Which is probably why I can’t ever bring myself to get rid of these dresses. When I put them on, I think about the people I love, who were getting married and all the people I talked and danced with. Who was there, and what they wore and how I made fun of it. But worry not, for Karma has its ways and I definitely have some faux pas in my closet.

Oh this poor unfortunate dress. Looking at it now, and wearing it, I’m finding it better than I remembered. At the time though, I was none too pleased. Its purchase happened similarly to yesterday’s dress. Spur of the moment and in an act of desperation. For one thing, brown isn’t exactly my color. For another, I am not particularly Marilyn-esque and while I admire the dress for its homage, I didn’t feel at home in it. At all.

This was an awful time in my life. I had found myself a ridiculous work situation and was fumbling under traumatic amounts of stress. Depressed beyond recognition, I wouldn’t be surprised if my sadistic subconscious picked this dress out to further torment me. Still, while I can explain away the choice in dress, there is no doctor’s note for the fact that I also purchased GOLD SHOES to go with it. I guess I was trying to cheer myself up by taking myself in a quirky new fashion direction. But the GOLD SHOES? Really Jenny? Really?

I swore I’d never wear the dress again, but strangely, we never parted ways. I just couldn’t know if I might need the dress again. (And I totally did! A case to be made for hoarding!) Today, it was time to face my demons.

Upon second wear, I immediately wanted to brighten the dress up a bit. I swear my instant-fix isn’t going to be white accessories all week, but today I think it works. Said wedding took place in the early spring a couple of years back. But now it’s two years later and summer. And in the high 90s to boot. I’d say that constitutes some enlightenment. Today I feel much more comfortable in my skin and in this dress.

So, I can’t jump back in a time machine and change the past. And maybe I still have those gold shoes in my closet in case the disco of the apocalypse (the only other appropriate occasion I can think of to wear them) ever comes to town. But today I feel just a little bit redeemed.

 Dress – Ross
Belt – 5.7.9
Shoes – Local Shoe Boutique
Headband – Target

Title courtesy of Panic! At The Disco – “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”