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Well I couldn’t have a Wedding week without just one obnoxious reception dance title song, could I? I personally have a love/hate relationship with these wedding staples. I find them totally tacky and ridiculous. Mostly they remind me of Dance Unit in elementary P.E. Is there anything more inherently evil that the “Bunny Hop?” I think not. When I get to hell, I fully expect to find Mel Gibson, Hitler and Roman Polanski in the midst of one giant Bunny Hop line.

I banned such dance favorites from my own wedding in favor of live acoustic music. But mostly, I think I hate these tunes because I lack the willpower to resist them. I harbor a secret penchant for these awesomely bad gems. It’s bad enough when I’m in a grocery store and “Hand Jive” comes on. When I’m at a wedding amongst all that peer pressure, and I hear the rollicking call of “The Chicken Dance?” I cannot stay away. Everything around me goes blurry and suddenly I. Must. Get. To. The Dance Floor. It’s so embarrassing.

Thankfully, no dancefloors will be harmed in the making of this theme week. I am merely going about my business getting dressed. And this week I’m re-vamping my collection of Dresses Worn to Weddings for fun and nostalgia. Next up:

This is a very special event for this blog. Today’s dress is the one and only garment I have ever sewn with my very own hands. Well. Sort of. My mother-in-law and I made this dress together many years ago. There was a family wedding to attend and I had always aspired to make my own clothes. So being that my future-MIL was a master seamstress, she offered to teach me and make a dress for the wedding. What transpired was more like, I tried to sew things and botched them. She laughed at me and then patiently fixed them. And then I put the dress on and twirled around like Stuart on Mad TV. Look what I can do!!

The finished product turned out great, no thanks to me. I wore it to the wedding and then it kind of got lost in storage during our many moves. Luckily, the husband was able to locate it for me to wear this week. I was anxious to see how it would fit. My body has changed a bit in seven years. I was more skinny fat back then, thanks to my college diet of Diet Coke, Bacardi and Skittles. (Try it sometime. It will turn you into a bonafide lunatic, but it really works!)  The dress still fits pretty well save for some room in the torso. But what really stood out to me was its absurd length. My guess is that at the time, we just followed the pattern without taking into account my lack of stature. And for whatever reason, I was down for looking like a nun. Today? Not so much.

I have always loved this dress. (I’m very proud of the two or three stitches of mine that got to stay.) But of course the first thing that had to be overhauled was the length. I was very apprehensive about asking my mother-in-law for help with this. I didn’t feel quite right being like, Sup MIL? (I don’t really talk to my mother-in-law like that. For some reason I just feel it necessary to use ghetto talk in all of my storytellings) , remember that dress we made when I was twenty? Well now that I’m 27 and married to your son, I’ve decided it doesn’t show nearly enough leg. Let’s hack it up a bit, shall we?

Mercifully, when I explained what I wanted to do, she was totally on board. Or maybe she was just excited to see me at a sewing machine again? Either way. She walked me through it, and I actually did all of this myself. The dress is now far more suited to my everyday wearage whims and I know how to hem something! Last but not least, my mother-in-law is also on board to help me with the big finale – Outfit #365. So it’s a win all around. That is until somebody cues up “The YMCA.”

Dress – Handmade!
Belt – Stolen off a shirt
Earrings – Wet Seal
Shoes – Thrifted

Title courtesy of Marcia Griffiths – “The Electric Slide”