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Hello guests! Welcome again to Theme Week! If you’re catching up, we’re having Wedding Week here at Closet365. All week I’m putting a new spin on on a bunch of frocks I’ve worn to weddings and putting them to work my the day-to-day dressing.

Can I tell you a secret? I am not a big fan of weddings. I used to be, I used to be a veritable wedding super fan. I snagged my first bouquet at about age four and remember getting profoundly pissy when I was told that it was meant for the grownup ladies. It was the happiest and saddest moment of my preschool life, all in the span of about five minutes. But I didn’t give up on the dream. Age five found me writing desperate letters to Santa Claus in pursuit of the Fischer Price Wedding Cake and I never really stopped being obsessed with weddings. My collection grew to bridal paper dolls and pictures of brides that I drew myself. Which later evolved into the bridal magazines that I collected and stashed under my dorm room bed. Before there was MySpace and Facebook, there was TheKnot.com. Yeah. I was that scary girl. I wanted to get married more than anything in the world. And then I did.

With all due respect to The Husband, marriage is fantastic. Planning a real wedding? Was not. The pressure! The anxiety! The DRAMA! It was enough to do me in for years. For the first couple of years I didn’t like to talk about weddings or watch them on TLC. When I walked past the wedding aisle at craft stores? I shuddered. I didn’t like going to weddings anymore.  Not even to make fun of other people’s bad taste. It was tragic.  I became a cynic and a complete hater. A few years past that, weddings still make me incredibly anxious but I’m starting to come around again. After all, there is cake at weddings. And dancing. So they can’t be all bad. And dresses! Like this one:

Summer wedding, two years ago. What’s wrong with this dress? Nada. I love it so much, I’d marry it all over again. Not only was it insanely cheap but it’s also cute, chic and comfortable. It’s my first choice backup dress, should the unthinkable ever happen and I can’t find a new dress to wear to a new wedding. I wore it back at the beginning of the project, winterized, and it’s pretty versatile. I like it best as is, but for the sake of our wedding week experiment, let’s see what can be done.

 A little glam rock perhaps? I mean, even Billy Idol had something to say about matrimonial festivities. (A misantrhope after my own heart!)  So while my pink dress is pretty inherently cheery, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to indulge its dark side.  I told you we wouldn’t just be lightening things up this week. I still miss the frilly sweetness of the original but sometimes it’s fun to put an edge on things. I played up the darker eye makeup and I didn’t feel any less feminine or dressed up in this outfit. If anything, I had added bling and more fabric to swoosh around. 

My hair is atrocious right now as I await my Friday salon appointment but today it’s not overgrown or unmanageable – it’s punk rock, baby.

Dress – Max Rave
Flyaway Crochet Cardigam – 5.7.9
Necklaces – Work
Shoes – Payless

Title courtesy of Billy Idol – “White Wedding”