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Welcome back to Wedding Week! I’m so glad to know that I’m not the only one who’s been soured on weddings at one time or another. But at least we can have fun with the things we wear to them, right?

Another thing that makes weddings so stressful is all of the etiquette involved. I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m a regular Emily Post nazi. And weddings are rife with potential breeches and outright offenses. Amidst all the Ps and Qs that hang in the balance, there are so many fashion disasters waiting to happen at weddings. Which is why one must always choose carefully. Nowadays, people would like to tell you that anything goes but I err on the side of caution. Nothing all-black or super dark and drab. And never, never, never nevernevernever anything with white as the primary color. I thought everyone knew this, but I had one blatant offender at my wedding.

This particular bitch had already invited herself to the wedding a couple of days prior and as if that weren’t bad enough, she then had the nerve to show up in an almost all white dress. The real kicker of it was that she got married shortly after and didn’t even invite us, so that I could return the sentiment. Not that I would have. Some of us have class. But I still resent being denied the opportunity. It’s these kinds of atrocities that make really make me bristle at weddings.

This, for me, is as rule-bendy as it gets:

This is a dress I bought, not with a wedding in mind. I then got invited to tag along at a wedding where I was of distant relation but didn’t really know the bride and groom very well. This dress was the best thing I had to wear. The dress is borderline for me, because it does have some white but I deem it okay because it’s part of a pattern. It doesn’t look white from a distance, nor would anyone mistake me for bridal in it. The other reason it was okay was because it wasn’t a typical wedding. The bride’s occupation was that of exotic dancer. Which is not to say that strippers don’t have scruples. It was just my estimation that capital-T Tradition wasn’t at the fulcrum of the festivities and that the dress wouldn’t really raise any eyebrows. In any event, it was a lovely wedding with a lovely eclectic crowd and my dress fit in just fine. All was well.

There wasn’t much to be done with this one either. My biggest beef with this dress is the length. This is as maxi as Jenny is willing to go. (Even my own wedding dress was tea-length.) And I suppose I could have maybe hemmed this one too, but I wouldn’t want to go mucking with that brilliant pattern.

Originally, I accessorized monochromatically, which I’m always compelled to do with red. But while trying to find a more flattering waist-adornment, I swapped in the brown belt and liked what I saw. Brown and red is an underdog color combo but I totally love it. I decided to run with the neutrals and that was that. Why mess too much with something you already like, yes?

Dress – Ross
Belt – Work
Shoes – Thrifted (Candie’s)
Necklace – The Icing

Title courtesy of Chris De Burgh – “Lady In Red”