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Good evening! Sorry this is kind of late. I was…out…somewhere. Okay, I was at a wedding.

I’ve just enjoyed this theme week so immensely that I decided to get dressed up and crash an honest-to-God wedding. Or maybe I had an invite. I guess it’s kind of cheap that I chose this theme week knowing that I got to buy and debut a new dress for one of the days. Maybe I’m just super organized like that! But I’ll let you decide which to believe – wedding crasher or theme week crasher. Whichever you want to believe.

Anyway. It was  really nice wedding. Simple and elegant, with just the right amount of personal touches. Nice ceremony. Nice setting. Good crowd. CUPCAKES. Good music, with the exception of the DJ busting out some Journey. It’s probably worth a whole other blog sometime but I have a deep loathing for Journey. Journey ruins everything. Even the most important moments in life. I’m convinced you could be at a funeral there’s still a chance that someone will break out the Journey and suddenly everyone would stop mourning and start belting out “Don’t Stop Believing” like a bunch of drunken frat boys. It’s terrible.

But I digress. Today’s dress:

So obviously, no before picture today. Or rather, this is the before. I like this dress quite a bit, so I’m sure I’ll remix it at some point.

So yeah. Of the dozens of dresses I tried on to no avail, I finally settled on this one.  Summer is a bad time to buy a dress for a wedding because everyone and and their grandma is shopping for the same thing. I often find the racks are pretty picked over by this time but I feel like I got lucky with this little blue number. It set me back a whole $10 and I’m pretty head over heels for it. It’s very summery and a different cut than I’d usually go for. Yes, it has some white in it, but just enough to still be within the appropriate range. Fortunate for me. Not so fortunate for the girl who showed up at today’s wedding in a full-on white frock. OMFG people. GET THE MEMO.

But anyway. Because of the halter neckline it needed minimal accessories and I went with these fun earrings. They’re a little blingy for the day-to-day grind, but today they tied in just perfectly with the occasion and the colors of my dress. Win!

In other news, I think I accidently got an Anna Wintour haircut today. Discuss amongst yourselves.

Dress – Ross
Earrings – 5.7.9
Sh0es – Work

Title courtesy of the happy couple (congrats!) and also Ben Folds – “The Luckiest”