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Happy Saturday! Welcome to the last day of Theme Week. Right about now is when we cue the slow song to let you know that Wedding Week is nearly over. All week I’ve been taking all the old dresses that I’ve bought and worn once to wedding and then restyling them for the every day.  It’s been a fun challenge for me. Not only getting to finally wear these dresses again but remixing them. I got to relive all the wedding memories that come with. AND I re-learned to sew. Sort of. Kind of. Not really. 

I don’t know that I’ll be attending any more weddings any time soon, but I now have complete faith in my old neurosis about buying a new dress for every wedding. Now that I know I can re-work these pieces, I feel justified in their purchase. Hurrah!

We have one last dress to play with today:

Last spring I flew down to Texas for a weekend wedding. The plan was that I would shop for a dress while there, but I brought my backup dress just in case. Lord knows no on in Texas would have seen any of the dresses I’d worn to Colorado weddings, but that was completely beside the point. There was a flaw however, in the plan. The flaw being that I was traveling to A Town Without Shopping. A year of living in West Texas should have taught be better, but somehow this slipped my mind. When I went to go hunt down a dress I combed the mall and all of my old standbys. I finally found this dress at Ross and thought I was on to something.

And I was. There are a lot of things I love about this dress. The color is amazing. The little ruffle makes a little Flamenco swish when I walk. The fit is perfect. There’s just one small problem which I failed to notice before I walked out the door with it – Hello Cleavage. There’s simply nowhere to hide in this dress. When I put in on shortly before the wedding I was horrified by how exposed I felt. Limited by my light packing skills, I had no choice but to rock the dress as is. I spent the rest of the night alternating between making inappropriate jokes about it and trying to strategically position myself to be less exposed. Which alas, never really worked. I felt sad for the dress, I really thought we had something. But I’m just not a vavoom kind of girl. My objective almost always, is to downplay my assets, not flaunt them. Luckily today, I had some options at my disposal.

White tank to the rescue. It fills in the gap perfectly and I feel a million times better with the extra coverage. Not to mention, I like the added bright accent.

As evening attire, the dress stands alone quite nicely, but it felt too formal for the daytime and to wear to work. This is where accessories come in handy. I decided to play with neutrals again, since the blue of the dress is so brilliant. I didn’t want to detract from it at all. I think, the unofficial motto of this theme week should be “If you liked it then you shoulda put a belt on it.” But whatever. Don’t knock the belt action. Belts just work, when nothing else does.

This re-vamped version of the dress feels very new and different. It feels a little bit catalouge to me, but a nice fresh spin on something that was otherwise just sitting in my closet. Cultivating its stale perfume scent and feeling ignored. The truth is, I never really stopped loving her. But I’m excited because, the future looks pretty bright too.

Dress – Ross
Belt – 5.7.9
Shoes – Thrifted
Earrings – Work

 Title courtesy of Michael Bublé – “Save The Last Dance For Me”