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Hey kids. How is Sunday treating you?

Well the big news in the Closet365 household is that we got new phones! This is very exciting. After about two years of lobbying to the husband that I needed to enter the 21st century, I am finally a proud Blackberry owner. I mean, it’s not as if we were carrying around old Zach Morris brick phones, before. Two years ago we got the then-nifty LG Voyagers but we literally have not upgraded in two years. In fact, I downgraded to a ghetto Env2 last fall, because I hate touch screens so much. It was long overdue that we get with the times. Next thing you know we’ll be zooming around in hovercrafts. Using lazers to brush our teeth.

We stayed up past midnight last night ignoring each other in our own respective app lands. (The Husband got a Droid) And I am very excited about what my new little gadget means for blogging. I still have to do the bulk of my blogging on my laptop (pictures and all) but I am in love with my new ability to get comments instantly and have better social networking capabilities. A few of you have begun to ask what I plan to do when I’m done with the project. Trust me, I think about this more than you could ever know and I still don’t have an answer. I won’t be leaving the blogosphere by any means. I just have no idea what direction I’ll be headed. But I feel as if having more progressive technology at my fingertips is going to help inspire me. I’ll keep you posted.

So after all the finery involved in Wedding Week, I needed something more casual and down-to-earth. So here I am doing my best Nicole Richie impression. I mean, what’s more down to earth than Nicole Richie? Driving on the wrong side of the road. Having a clothing line. Naming your baby Sparrow. Salt of the earth, I tell you.

Still, Nicole and I have a few things in common. We both share a love of gypsy fashion and an affinity for big sunglasses. Nicole has a Twitter account. I have a Twitter account. Why just the other day, someone left me my very first “Eat a burger” comment on my Facebook. We’re practically joined at the hip! The only difference is our budgets. Nicole shops at high-end Hollywood boutiques. I had to buy this top at Forever 21. I washed it once and now the left shoulder has a weird pucker where the sleeve shrunk. Of all the oddball things to happen to cheap clothes, I got the shirt that shrunk on one damn side. I wish I could say I was surprised. I’m not even mad. Frankly, I’m impressed.

Oh, and sorry for the lame back porch locale in today’s pictures. It wouldn’t stop raining long enough for me to go out and take pictures. And my personal umbrella-carrier is on leave. It’s so hard to find good help these days.

Shirt – F21
Scarf – Target
Shorts – 5.7.9
Necklace – eBay
Shoes – Thrifted

Title courtesy of 50 Cent feat. Justin Timberlake – “Ayo Technology”