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Oh Monday, Monday. I feel like this is going to be a long week. Back-to-school business is finally starting to trickle in, so I should be fairly busy at work. I’ve also been trying to catch up on all my blog reading and I need to figure out how to do that via Blackberry. But also just FYI, if you use Blogger, I haven’t been having any luck leaving comments without getting a big mean error message. This makes me sad.

I am going to wrap this up so that I can spend some time with the husband and then go to bed. I have an early morning run tomorrow and I feel like I need to pace myself for the duration of the weeek. But how about some reader questions? I know there are some new faces out there, so why not introduce yourself? What’s your name? (if I don’t know it already) What was the best thing you did all weekend? Enjoying the summer or looking foward to fall? Favorite show on TV right now? Any guilty pleasures? (TV or otherwise. I’m nosy, so I’ll take anything you want to share.)

So I mentioned Friday that I may have inadvertently gotten an Anna Wintour haircut.I had an odd experience at the salon. My stylist was an obese 50-year-old dude named Tracy with a bleach blond goatee and a bunch of random tattoos. He convinced me that an A-line bob was the way to go and then proceeded to cut and style it very slowly. Meticulously I must say. But hours later when I left the salon I was a little jarred. I looked in the mirror and thought I recognized someone besides myself. I keep expecting her to jump out of the mirror at me and tell me that my clothes are out of season and I need to lose ten pounds. But other than that I dig it.

My hair also came in handy this morning while trying to talk myself into this top. See, one of my frequent thrifting laments as of late, is that Goodwill has turned into a virtual Target graveyard. It’s wear unsold merchandise goes to die, which sort of takes the fun and originality out of thrifting. BUT, other times it works to one’s advantage if you just happen to find that item that piqued your interest but wasn’t worth paying full price for. Enter Liberty for Target blouse. While totally intimidating in its original habitat – among the racks at GW – it suddenly seemed worth snatching up.

I’m not totally surprised this blouse ended up among the walking dead at Goodwill. It’s not for everyone. Maybe not even me. Such an ostentatious ruffle requires that we proceed with caution. But that print?! Oh, the print. Now that part is worth taking a chance on. I feel like there are other styling possibilities for it, waiting to be discovered but for today I didn’t want to overwhelm myself. Some simple white capris worked fairly well. And pearls for good measure.

I’m still not totally sure how I feel about the shirt. It didn’t really garner any fans. It’s avante garde, even for me. (Read: I kind of felt like a birthday clown.) I just kept telling myself that between my haircut and some large sunglasses, I could just pretend to be too cool for school and carry the look. But really, I think Liberty for Target is one of those things that thrives only in style blogland. It gets lost in translation elsewhere. I’ll probably try and work it a couple more days and then donate it back from whence it came. Although, I am open to suggestions.

Top – Thrifted (Liberty for Target)
Capris – Thrifted
Necklace – Wet Seal
Shoes – Charlotte Russe

Title courtesy of Abba – “Take A Chance On Me”