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Oh hello. Well I’m sure the suspense is killing you but… I am only slightly less swaggery today. I did not run this morning because I was still in pain. So… Yeah. That’s all I have to say about that.

For better or worse, I worked all day. This is the big kahuna week of insanity in Back To School land and then things should calm down. It’s shaping up to be busier than last year and that’s great news in this economy. But it is wearing me out just a little.

Lately I’ve become convinced that wild animals are actually coming out to shop this year. Just judging by some of the messes they leave in my store. I don’t mean your run of the mill leaving piles in fitting rooms or putting things back wrong. I’m talking about entire clearance rounders mauled beyond recognition or shopability. Piles of folded shirts shoved on the floor and left for dead.

We even found one shirt completely shredded seam to seam and torn in multiple places. No one can figure out what happened. I’m just going to have to send it back to the company as damaged and under reasons I’m going to write : customer morphed into a werewolf while trying on this shirt. You know. Just to see if they’re paying attention. And in the meantime I’ve warned all my employees not to panic. But also to not leave any food out. Just to be safe.

I know what you’re thinking. How could anybody be so cranky while wearing a flower applique the size of Texa?. Well. To be fair, it did take a concentrated effort, when the shirt is so gosh darn cute. This being my third floral appliqued shirt in recent history, I should probably cut myself off now. But I could see no harm in one last hurrah.

I especially like this shirt for the toga wrap pouch action going on in the front. It’s actually a one shoulder top but I paired it with a brown tank to tie in with my capris. I also opted for the largest size because I have a hunch that we can do cute things with the top and leggings come fall.

I’m reintroduced jewelry today, with the big bracelets. They’re a little heavy, but I am wearing them on my right wrist. It’s my estimation that a stack of bangles of this magnitude with help balance out the centrifugal force of my gimpy left hip and help restore my center of gravity. But also, they just looked cute.

Top – 5.7.9
Capris – Ross
Shoes – Thrifted
Brown Tank – F21
Necklace – Work
Bangles – Work

Title courtesy of Cage The Elephant – “Back Against The Wall”