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Well hello to you this Monday. Not much new to report over here. Still limping. Still waiting impatiently for my hip to heal. I’m giving it one more day.

Someone asked, via Formspring, if I’m always so antsy when unable to run. So I thought I’d address that. The answer is no. Yes I’m kind of a freak of nature that enjoys working out but I’ve also worked arduously at striking a healthy balance. Ordinarily I have no problem sitting out when I need to.

The difference right now is that I’m in training for a race – my first half-marathon. I’ve put in a lot of work in the past seven weeks of my training program and my race is six weeks away. I’m just now entering the intense part with long runs to adequately prepare. So that’s why I’m anxious. I usually blog about my training stuff at this separate page but thought I’d cover it here lest you’re all thinking I’m some sort of rageaholic fitness freak. Okay I probably am. But you like me anyway, right? Hey…wait! Where are you going?


Okay, I wrote that earlier and I’m now in more pain. Probably looking at not running again tomorrow and maybe a trip to the doctor. I’m incredibly uncomfortable and frustrated. But I guess let’s talk clothes…

I’m not even really in the frame of mind to put together outfits right now. I feel like of lame about today. We watched “500 Days of Summer” last night and I was digging the retro chic vibe. This isn’t inspired by the movie by any means, but I was leaning towards some sort of vintage wilderness girl look. Dressed up with some blingy pearls. It came out a little weird. With the shirt tied, these pants sort of make me look like a jockey. What do you know? Possible hobby change, if this running thing isn’t going to work out for me. AND I’ve definitely got the right stature. Awesome.

I’ll catch you guys tomorrow. If you’ve got any good healing vibes, please send them my way. I could use them.

Checkered Button-Down – Work
Cargo Capris – 5.7.9
Cardigan – Max Rave
Necklace – 5.7.9
Shoes – Local shoe boutique

Title courtesy of V.V. Brown – “Shark In The Water”