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Um hi. Anybody still around? I promise I’m not whiny today!

I’m not gonna lie. It’s been a rough week. I’ve been pretty consumed with this whole injury thing and I’m sorry if some of that gets dragged into the blog. I’ve barely felt like getting dressed, let alone dressed up. One thing I’ve realized is that the feeling of physical vulnerability that comes with an injury, also affects my clothing choices. I haven’t felt very bold or colorful at all. No bells and whistles. No whimsy.

Then today, I realized that I’d had enough of that. Alright. Time to bust out the big guns.

That’s right. I brought in Hello Kitty. You heard me. Hello Kitty and I go way back. As a 27-year-old married woman, I profess no shame for my obsession with Hello Kitty. I love Hello Kitty like a 12-year-old Japanese girl loves…well…Hello Kitty. In my adult life, I have a Hello Kitty pen collection that rivals the one I had in junior high. It’s only a lack of proximity to a Sanrio store out of respect for my husband’s tastes that I don’t own the awesomeness that is the entire Hello Kitty kitchen set or a big pink Kitty emblazoned bedspread. The first thing I did upon receipt of my Blackberry was hop on eBay in search of a rhinestone HK cover for it. Although, in fairness, I didn’t end up purchasing one. I exercised a small modicum of restraint. Sadly.

I have had this shirt for a long time and I can’t bring myself to get rid of it, or even for that matter, stop wearing it. I consider it a lucky shirt, much to the chagrin of others. Often, when wearing this shirt, I get strange scowls from strangers who apparently think that a grown woman has no business donning a Hello Kitty t-shirt. Haters.

After I put on the shirt today, some strange things happened. I drove to work. On my way to work, I passed some graffiti on a fence that said “ODB” along with a large misshapen star. That some little gutter punks are going around our fair city of suburban nowheresville heralding the late rapper, should have been cause enough to smile. But I thought little of it. I went to coffee with The Mom and then headed in for work. I was still in a lot of pain and limping pretty badly as of this A.M. but sometime mid-morning a minor miracle occurred. Out of nowhere, the pain subsided and my hip felt normal for the first time in almost a week. And my mood lightened considerably. Act of God? Perhaps. Or maybe just the apparently shifty plate tectonics of my skeletal system. But I like to think it was the small, two-digit paw of Hello Kitty at work.

I hauled my gleeful behind to the gym, where I discovered that I can do time on the elliptical without issue. Unfortunately, I lasted about 45 seconds on a treadmill because the impact of running is still just too much. I don’t really know what I’m going to do. I’m still really panic-stricken and disappointed. But I’m going to wear my Hello Kitty shirt to bed every night from now on and hope for the best.

 Hello Kitty Tee – Wet Seal
Black Button Down – Ross
Skirt – Thrifted (F21)
Shoes – Thrifted
Necklace – Wet Seal

Title courtesy of Coldplay – “Lovers in Japan”