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Greetings peeps. Thanks very much to those of you who responded to yesterday’s post. Your comments cheered me up, so feel free to keep them coming. (Hint, moi?)

I’m going to apologize again for the lack of energy in the posting lately. Your patience is much appreciated while I deal with busy work and life stress, as well as continue to cope with this frustrating injury. I can assure you that this is only a temporary lapse on my part and I am doing my best to hang in. Obviously, I’m still getting the blog together every day, so all is not lost. Just a little on the lackluster side. Thank you kindly for still reading!

Notice anything about this color scheme? It’s premature, I know. But the weather is distinctly crisp today and it got me all kinds of excited. It’s likely only temporary, but I for one would welcome an early autumn with open arms. Fall is by far, BY FAR, my most favoritest season. I love everything about it. Particularly the clothes! My heart goes all pittery pattery just thinking about the boots, the leggings, the cardigans, the SCARVES!!!!!

Unfortunately, our fall is very brief where I live. So the earlier the better, really. BRING IT ON! And anyway. I also thought I could get away with it on the big back-to-school weekend. I was going for comfort, but I thought I’d use a little subtle psychology on my customers by making them think autumnal. Maybe pick up a sweater or an extra pair of jeans. Couldn’t hurt right? To faux fall!

Brown Tank – F21
Pink Tank – Work
Cardigan – Target
Capris – Thrifted
Necklace – Wet Seal
Shoes – Old Navy

Title courtesy of Jason Mraz – “You and I Both”