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We did it guys! We made it through the weekend and on through Monday. Almost to Tuesday! Well, I made it anyway. You guys still probably have to work all week. But pat yourself on the back anyway. Sometimes making it through Monday is an accomplishment.

I am really looking forward to my day of absolute sloth. I plan to sleep until at least 8:00, assuming my body will let me. I will probably make my way over to the gym for yoga in the morning but other than that, I plan to do a lot of completely lazy things. Maybe get a pedicure. See a movie. Nap. Definitely a nap. Some light reading. I usually hate laziness in all its forms but tomorrow , just for once, I’m embracing it.

Look! The setting is symbolic. Haha.

This morning was one of my closest calls, to date, when it came to wondering if the blog would come together. I have this other piece that I’ve been trying to work with for over a month. I thought today would be the day. It wasn’t. I then had about ten minutes to put together another outfit. What would you guys seriously do, if I just didn’t post one day? I’ve always wondered…

Anyway. Today wasn’t the day to find out. I quickly threw this together, and while it’s not the most original outfit in the history of ever, it’s comfortable and I quite like it. I never get tired of this vest. M.I.A. from these photos is another favorite item – my houndstooth scarf – which I wore but took off at the chiropractor’s office. And then forgot to put back on. So I guess just use your imagination?

Plus, I figured that it being the last day of the back-to-school rush, I should don my military vest and be prepared for combat. It’s funny. When I first started out in my retail management career, I often talked in baseball metaphors – hit a home run, put so-and-so up to bat, hit one out of the park, etc. Which is a little embarrassing to admit, but yeah. However, over the years, my imagery has shifted a bit. From a playing field to one of battle. I now talk like we’re going war – in the trenches, hunker down, man your station. I honestly don’t know if this marks an increase in cynicism or if I just needed a change of venue.

Of course, that’s what makes it funny that I’m standing in a dugout in my fatigues today. I didn’t even do that on purpose. Man, I’m good.

Basic Black Tee – Work
Vest – F21
Capris – Thrifted (Old Navy)
Shoes – Payless
Earrings – The Icing

Title courtesy of The Decemberists – “When The War Came”