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Sooooooo. Little problemo today.

Here is what happened: I got up this morning and did various tasks. And then I got dressed in a cute outfit. And then it rained. But then it stopped. And then I went out and I took some cute pictures. And then I did some other things. And then I came home and sat down at my computer to do my blog, like always. And then I plugged in my computer to upload my pictures. And then my camera proceeded to purge itself of every single picture on my memory card, without my permission, to whereabouts unknown. And then there was nothing.

That’s right. No cute outfit pictures. No dozens of outtakes that I’ve been collecting for a special post at the end of the project. No pictures of my food or my cats or anything at all. Just nothing. So then I was very sad. But honestly not super surprised, because my whole day has gone kind of like that. To the point that I just sort of laughed about it. Until I remembered that I still had a blog to do. And no pictures.

Oh, what to do? Other bloggers probably would have just said screw it. But unfortunately, that’s not how we do things here at the Closet365 Project. The show must go on, every. single. day. I contemplated getting dressed again and re-taking the pictures. But then I got irritated by that idea, because I actually spent time on a photo shoot with a cute outfit and it felt cheap to just have to snap pictures on my balcony after dark. So, I did the next best thing. I took pictures of what I’m wearing right this very minute. It is an outfit, after all.

One high fashion pose for the road and…yeah.

This is what I call my Tenenbaum jacket, even though it’s not Adidas. A couple of birthdays ago, some family members got me a gift card to Sports Authority for my birthday and I was stoked because it was the only time in my life that someone has actually perceived me as sporty and gifted me as such. I picked out this jacket from the Kids section because all the adult workout clothes were way pricey even with a gift card. This girls XL, jacket fit me and was cheaper and cuter. I’m not bragging that I can wear kid’s clothes. It’s actually kind of ridiculous. But it saves me money. Along with child tickets at the movies and ordering Happy Meals.

Also awesome? My chocolate brown yoga pants. I think they really provide a nice contrast with the bright blue of my children’s jacket. My bare feet complete the look and I’m wearing sunglasses because I had already removed my makeup for the day.

Honestly, being that we’ve made it this far into the year and the project and this is the first real major catastrophe, I am not too broken up about it. Is it lame to post pictures of yourself in your lounging around the house clothes? Maybe. But it’s still technically a different outfit from all the others this year. I say I get a pass.

 Jacket – Sports Authority (Nike)
Yoga Pants – Ross

Title courtesy of The Bravery – “An Honest Mistake”